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Looking to enhance your in-store customer experience? With our Digital Signage solutions, you can!



Digital Media Signage for Retail


SmartStore Retail Digital Signage solutions provide you with the capability to use engaging content to connect with your customers and encourage purchases. With a range of individual components to choose from, you can also further support the retail customer experience with customer menus and information and giving you holistic control of what your customers experience when they visit you.

SmartStore Digital Signage can also be used for effective employee training. They allow you to host a wide range of engaging audio-visual content – in a variety of formats. Everything can be centrally managed and seamlessly distributed to all locations across Europe.

The Retail Digital Signage solution is a cloud-operated service that provides an intuitive and easy-to-use content management system (CMS) including easy-to-deploy display templates to get you up and running quickly.

A wide range of digital signage technologies to help you engage your customers in-store

Attracting customers into store is made so much easier when they have an engaging experience every time they visit. Our range of Retail Digital Signage solutions help you to interact with customers in an engaging way as they navigate through the store.

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Promo Boards
With digital Promo Boards you can deliver a cohesive in-store digital experience with dynamic video, text and graphics that engage and inform customers. Distributed businesses can present compelling promotional information easily and efficiently, all managed from a central location, and customised for specific stores and locations.
Retail Multichannel Signage Icon
Multichannel Signage
With Multichannel Signage you can deliver different messages on every screen and manage a wide range of display solutions from a central point.

You can set up rules about when and where content will play, eliminating the need to manage a lot of separate playlists. The Multichannel Signage solution also allows you to integrate advertising sales management.
Retail Digital Sales Assistant Icon
Digital Sales Assistant
Smaller footprint locations mean fewer items on the shelf. But with SmartStore Digital Sales Assistant you can create an endless aisle where the customer can shop and learn about products before choosing what to buy.

It saves shelf space, but also offers quality customer service. This truly brings the benefits of online to instore.

For example, you can use Digital Sales Assistants to show customers how to use electronic equipment, saving time for expert members of staff.
Retail Digital Menu Boards Icon
Digital Menu Boards
Digital Menu Boards stimulate interest. Customers buy more of what they see, especially when you use high-definition video.

Whether it’s a cross-sell or an upsell item, digital menu boards can drive incremental revenue while enhancing the customer experience.

By using interactive content such as QR codes or integration with your customer loyalty programmes, Digital Menu Boards can be the “secret sauce” in growing your business.
Retail Digital Concierge Icon
Digital Concierge
With Digital Concierge, organisations such as hotels, shopping malls, large department stores, tourist information centres, airports, railway stations and sports venues can use digital signage to provide information about local services, facilities, and activities.

Visitors and guests are saved the trouble of finding a member of staff, and staff are free to focus on other duties.
Retail Employee Training Icon
Employee Training
SmartStore Retail Digital Media technology can also be used to share video and rich-media content to educate and inform the workforce. This way you ensure consistent messaging across all sites. Employees are far more likely to absorb training material and remember messages when delivered with exciting and dynamic content.

By deploying this on-site, you can save on your training budget.

How It Works

The SmartStore Retail Digital Media CMS is a cloud-based platform, accessible from any standard web browser. It enables you to manage and control content and when and how it is displayed on screens. Access to the portal is via a standard web browser.

Smart Screens with media player application

Smart screens compatible with the SmartStore Digital Media software app are available in a range of sizes with 4K definition, from leading manufacturers LG and Samsung. The advantage of smart screens with a media player app is that it is a fully integrated solution (a single box with lower footprint, single power point).



Standalone media players with monitors


Standalone media players are available in three variants and are designed and manufactured by Hughes:


• HS860 – WIN10 based HD player   • HS1100 – WIN10 based 4K player   • HS1150 – Linux based HD player


They can be connected to your choice of monitors, which will depend on multiple factors including size, orientation, brightness, location, and aesthetics. You may prefer this option if you require a specific monitor size and shape, or you want multiple screens displaying the same content in multiple locations on the same site. The monitor must have an HDMI interface for connection to the player. Screen resolution will depend on how many monitors are connected, up to a maximum resolution of 4K.


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