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Smart Cameras with Movement Analytics

Smart Cameras with Movement Analytics in the retail environment enables you to gain insights on trends in customer behaviour while physically present in your stores. This gives you invaluable information to help with store layout, merchandising and queue-busting - to name a few advantages.


Smart Cameras from Hughes Europe

Smart Cameras from Hughes Europe can help you find the answers


Take in-store insights to a whole new level with improved real-time business intelligence. Deliver a customer experience that drives up average basket values and repeat custom.  

Smart Cameras from Hughes Europe are easily and flexibly installed around distributed sites and fully controlled via the cloud, enabling you to observe activity locally or in multiple sites simultaneously from a central location.


At an operational level, data from the cameras can be used to alert sales assistants of an imminent back-ups at check-out counters to trigger the opening of additional registers.

All of the intelligence that is gathered is also available in a refreshingly simple package that can be centrally controlled.

The intuitive, browser-based dashboard, along with access roles, empowers your users to get up to speed quickly and benefit from the business intelligence features without the need for hours of training.

The Smart Camera family brings simplicity and intelligence to the security camera world.

Every model comes with a powerful processor - the same kind found in many of today's smartphones - and an innovative architecture that minimises physical infrastructure as well as software requirements.

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Enhanced vision for greater insight


Analytics tools such as motion search, motion recap, and motion heatmaps, and object detection with people counting, are performed in the cloud without requiring any additional hardware. These features provide powerful support in streamlining your business operations by better understanding customer and employee behavior patterns.

You can quickly drill down into anomalous or unusual events for even better understanding of specific causes.

You will be amazed at the rich information these Smart Cameras with Movement Analytics provide about your customers: age distribution, gender distribution, dwell time, and even the emotions they are feeling as they move about your store! Artificial Intelligence software monitors facial expressions and applies sentiment analysis to assess emotional responses to displays - were the customers intrigued? Amused? Excited? And all of this information is captured anonymously, making it fully GDPR compliant.

Used in conjunction with Hughes Managed Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi Analytics, you will gain even more useful insights.

Sample Insights from Smart Camera Technology


  • How do shoppers move in the store?
  • in what areas do they spend the most time?
  • What are the busiest hours?
  • When are the queues the longest?
  • What delights customers?
  • What are they less happy with?
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