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As the role of the network moves from utilitarian to strategic asset, it’s important to make sure you are benefiting from the right connectivity and network technology sourcing options to deliver what you need at the right price point. We are vendor independent which means we can source, procure and licence the right software and equipment to meet our customers overarching strategic needs.

Our relationships with leading vendors in the networking space for technology, and long term partnerships with all major Telcos and ISPs across Europe for connectivity, mean that you can rely on Hughes to find the best possible networking solutions for your business needs.

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Network Connectivity

As enterprises move to digitally transform the way their business operates, connectivity solutions need to evolve to deliver highly available, high performance networks to support the increased volume of critical, real-time data and communications that rely on them.


Network Technology

We all know that technology is changing at a rate far quicker than our ability to change with it. Making investment in the right network technology sourcing relies on keeping abreast of current options and future roadmaps to make sure investment is protected as far as possible into the future.

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