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Introducing Hughes Europe Managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge): The Ultimate Solution for Reliable and Secure Cloud Access.


Hughes Europe Managed SASE Solutions

The digital landscape is rapidly evolving, and businesses are facing new challenges in terms of security, efficiency, and performance. Cyberattacks are on the rise, with 38% more attacks reported in 2022 compared to the previous year.

With more agile hacker and ransomware gangs exploiting work-from-home environments, it has become even more critical to protect your users, networks, and data from these evolving cyber threats.

At the same time, cloud-based applications and SaaS are becoming increasingly prevalent, which can put a strain on legacy networks and traditional IT architecture, hindering availability, reliability, and user experience.

That's where Hughes Managed SASE comes in. As a single unified cloud service, our Managed SASE solutions ensure optimum performance, security, and efficiency when accessing any of your applications or SaaS, regardless of user or application location.

We recognise these network challenges and have brought together a number of industry-leading software solutions to offer our Managed SASE.

It ensures your organisation has optimised access to applications, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud, and SaaS, maximising IT and operational efficiency through innovation and automation while supporting your organisation in accelerating edge transformation to a multi-cloud edge architecture.

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With Hughes Managed SASE, you can be confident that your mobile workforce will benefit from continuous connectivity, reliable performance and world-class security to easily and efficiently access cloud applications and SaaS.

By bundling it with uncompromising Managed Security Services and industry-leading SD-WAN technology, we have extended the potential of Managed SD-WAN in our latest SASE solutions.

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Hughes Europe Managed SASE
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SASE network security management on laptop

Hughes Managed SASE solution ensures:


  • Cloud-first optimised access to applications and hybrid, multi, and SaaS cloud with 200+ Points of Presence worldwide
  • Simplified operations that enhance IT and operational efficiency
  • Acceleration of edge transformation to a multi-cloud architecture
  • High-quality digital experiences for all customers, employees, and partners, no matter the location
  • Uncompromised security, protecting user, network, application, and data against emerging threats
  • Security, productivity, and ease when accessing your network remotely

Efficient cloud and SaaS access

If your company has grown its network architecture organically, adopting new applications or technologies accessed via multiple public and private clouds, like many, you may have noticed a dip in network performance. This setup puts strain on your network’s operational resources, potentially compromising security and quality of service.

As digital technology continues to evolve and innovations around more complex applications emerge, relying on these hardware-heavy, transport-dependent networks, which were not built for current or future purpose, is not sustainable and will not deliver the efficiency, reliability or security your organisation needs.

Our Managed SASE leverages Managed SD-WAN alongside other network intelligent solutions to support better efficiency and reliable cloud and SaaS access. It ensures your organisation has optimised access to applications, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and SaaS, maximising IT and operational efficiency through innovation and automation while supporting your organisation in accelerating edge transformation to a multi-cloud edge architecture.

SASE network security in data centre
SASE network security monitoring services

High-quality application performance

Maintaining reliable, high-performance, mission-critical applications is becoming more challenging as modern technology places greater demands on your network's bandwidth.

With Hughes Managed SASE, we can deliver a comprehensive distributed workforce solution that ensures the availability, performance, and security of mission-critical applications, whether accessed from your head office, regional branches, distributed sites, or from home.

Our Managed SASE is a multi-tenanted, scalable architecture model with multiple points of presence (PoPs) that ensure reliable and efficient application performance.

For your customers, employees, and partners, this means they can enjoy high-quality, consistent digital experiences wherever they reside and whether logging on via company-owned or personal devices.

Uncompromised protection from any device or location


Cybersecurity has become increasingly significant in recent years as more employees access networks from unsecured home networks or personal devices at remote sites. With the cyber risks increased, there is a greater potential for data breaches and costly downtime.

Our cloud security solution is the second component delivered as part of our Managed Cyber Security Services. Also hosted in the cloud, as a Security Operations Centre (SOC), it protects your network users from new and evolving internal and external cyber threats by offering visibility and control when accessing SaaS and cloud applications.

Delivered via a global network of SASE points of presence (PoPs), our cloud security solution supports secure, consistent and optimal access for all your users connecting over any device.

The advantages of our Managed Services


At Hughes Network Systems Europe, we are confident in delivering exceptional service. As your organisation, its employees, customers and partners become familiar with the benefits of our Managed SASE solutions, our team is available to answer any questions and provide any required support or maintenance.

We give complete visibility of all your network activity and the impact of our SASE solutions via our HughesON portal.



To get started on your SASE journey, download our eBook: What is SASE and why do you need it

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