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Enhance your distributed organisation's collaborative efforts with our resilient, highly available managed connectivity services


Stay connected and move forward

We deliver consistently high levels of availability and performance with managed wide area networks leveraging the best managed connectivity services options.

You are running a multisite organisation. That means, when your WAN underperforms, so does your business. But connecting a wide variety of devices, individuals and branches, nationally or internationally, is a major headache for most distributed organisations. Wide area networks are complex structures that can throw up considerable challenges even for experienced IT& professionals. In practice, this can mean unnecessary expense and a lack of organisational agility for any& company where IT is not their core business.

Leveraging the best available connectivity options, our managed connectivity services ensure business continuity and provide the agility and scalability to deliver the reliable performance you need to keep all your sites up and running, so your business can move forward. 

We’ve got it covered 

Delivering the most reliable connectivity solutions across distributed estates is a complex business because availability of services is hugely dependent on location. Hughes offers the most effective combination of connectivity for every site in your estate. All our managed connectivity services are delivered across Europe under a single, universal service level agreement (SLA) to maximise efficiency and predictability for our customers.

We’re technology agnostic – we choose the best solution for you. We have relationships with major telecommunication companies across Europe. Combined with our capabilities in managed satellite services, we offer you the most effective connectivity solutions for your individual needs. Whether the requirement is for dual path for high performance, resilience for critical applications or effective back up for failover, we have it covered. 

Delivering managed connectivity solutions whatever your network looks like 

With extensive experience of delivering managed connectivity services to a wide range of businesses we are skilled in designing solutions for all types of circumstance. Every use case is, of course, unique, but the following four broadly cover the type of scenario we often encounter. 

  • Solutions_networks_Connectivity_4

    For an estate with this topology we normally deploy xDSL or fibre as the primary connectivity transport with either LTE (Long Term Evolution) or a secondary terrestrial connection as backup. This provides a resilient network delivering a consistent experience for your employees and customers across all sites.

  • Solutions_networks_Connectivity

    For estates where there is a variety of locations, we recommend a hybrid approach. For urban sites we deploy the solution as in Use Case 1 but for the more remote sites, where access to terrestrial services may be restrictive, we deploy a dual path cellular solution using LTE. This could include a roaming e-SIM solution.

  • Solutions_networks_Connectivity

    For estate topologies where there is widespread distribution, including extremely remote sites, we can deploy a mix of terrestrial, cellular and satellite connectivity. With capability in both VSAT and mobile satellite services we can deliver connectivity for both high throughput and lower bandwidth requirements across Europe

  • Solutions_networks_Connectivity

    Where requirements are out of scope of existing connectivity options, for example because there is a lack of terrestrial infrastructure at all sites, we can design new solutions. In similar situations we can work with a local partner to deliver a new service based around microwave technology.

An overview of our connectivity solutions

Take a look at the table below to see the range of managed connectivity services we deliver for our customers.




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