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Fully Managed LAN services from a single provider - for ease of procurement and management


Benefit from a unified solution

Hughes Network Systems Europe is a specialist in connecting people, places and things. This means we are the ideal choice for designing, delivering and supporting your LAN infrastructure. We understand the importance of providing reliable managed connectivity for the people and things in every building in every location. So whether you need fixed or wireless LAN solutions, we can provide a fully managed LAN service, giving you the confidence that your employees and your customers will have the access they need whenever they need it.

With Hughes Managed LAN services you decide how much support you need and whether we should look after your network companywide as a comprehensive service combined with Hughes Managed WAN, or only in the branch sites where there are no dedicated IT personnel. We can also help you set up new locations quickly and easily – regardless of whether they are in another part of the city or at the other end of the world. We will always keep an eye on your LAN to ensure that it is working optimally.

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Comprehensive Managed LAN Services

We provide all the hardware required for your local area network as part of the service package. This includes security devices, switches, and Wi-Fi access points (APs). We procure, take delivery, warehouse, and ship all the necessary hardware to your distributed locations, which means your employees do not have to handle any of the equipment at any point during the supply process. The entire provisioning process is carried out by our own inhouse teams, and specialist logistics companies.

All installation and configuration work necessary to provide the LAN service is carried out by Hughes network and field engineering teams and a network of trained and certified installation technicians. This includes cabling between the LAN switches and APs. To ensure speed, efficiency and your satisfaction, we create an installation specification that sets out exactly what happens when the installer arrives and how the installation is to be performed and verified. Upon completion, all aspects of the installation are documented and posted on the secure ServiceNow customer gateway. If you also require connectivity to the site, this can be provided via the Hughes Managed WAN service.

  • Managed LAN Projects

    Our project management team works with you to manage your LAN project from inception to completion according to your schedule and other constraints. A Project Manager is assigned to the project as your single point of contact. Our project teams are based across our European locations and have extensive experience and expertise in delivering complex projects.

  • LAN Service provider management

    We handle all interactions with service providers through an appointed Service Manager, giving you a single point of contact for all services anywhere in Europe, so your employees never have to worry about which is the right company to contact. The Service Manager ensures that the managed LAN services are always maintained to the highest standards.

  • ManagedLAN support

    In the event of an issue with the managed LAN service, the Hughes help desk team will identify the cause of the issue and either put a resolution in place directly or hand it to a network engineering team for resolution. With support across Europe we deliver support against an agreed universal SLA across all your locations

  • Mnaged LAN comprehensive reporting

    As part of the service, we provide comprehensive reports according to your requirements, covering metrics such as overall availability by site and by country, performance against service level agreements (SLAs), speed of fault resolution, trend reports and regular quality audits.

Read our Managed LAN datasheet

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