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Manage expectations by meeting them! 

In the age of the cloud, customer and employee expectations are constantly growing. How and where people choose to shop, consume information, access applications or do business has evolved rapidly over the past few years. Expectations about network availability and response times, even in remote locations and for bandwidth-heavy applications, are sky-high. Our Managed SD-WAN Solutions in the UK ensure that all your stakeholders and customers feel that their digital interactions with your business have been a success. 

Existing network infrastructures have their limitations, so it is not easy to keep up with the pace of change. Finding a network that supports the connectivity between different offices, retail stores, manufacturing plants, construction projects, warehouses, petrol forecourts, call centres, utilities, and delivery hubs across Europe is one of the very toughest issues for distributed, multisite businesses today. Especially if they need to handle demanding apps such as cloud inventory management, point-of-sale, VoIP services and e-commerce. Wide area networks are a jumble of technologies and connectivity types; the complexities increase exponentially over multisite deployments, especially if they are in a mix of metropolitan, town centre and rural locations, and in more than one country. If you find yourself facing the next big digital transformation initiative, you may find that you simply have too many plates to spin!


Orchestrating your success

So, what is the answer? Until recently, many enterprises relied on expensive, dedicated, private networks to connect distributed sites and to access applications and data in data centres. Or they deployed more cost-effective DSL networks that might be limited in capacity or subject to quality of service issues. 

SD-WAN provides a software overlay to the WAN infrastructure that enables more effective management of network capacity, availability, performance and change. It streamlines many IT and maintenance costs, centralising network management and supporting businesses in the optimum usage of all available network resources. 

SD-WAN technology can be used with any connectivity type and is independent of any telecommunication provider’s infrastructure. This means that it can dynamically route network traffic across any and all connection types available at a site. 

Because we are technology-agnostic, we select, deploy and manage the optimal networking technology for your needs. We orchestrate the best-of-breed technologies that deliver on business objectives such as improving cost efficiencies while enhancing your customers’ and employees’ experience. Our managed SD-WAN services in the UK help you to eliminate complexity and optimise agility to help you move your business forward.

How to choose the perfect SD-WAN solution

The answer to that question is not so simple. No single vendor is the perfect fit, especially in multi-country, hybrid deployments. The reason is that different vendors deliver SD-WAN in different ways with a different focus. 

The disparate nature of the network infrastructure, and the many connectivity options, means that any choice is going to involve some trade-offs. If your business is of a certain size, you’ll probably find the maintenance and management of hardware to be expensive and highly demanding on your precious human resources, even with the implementation this technology. If predictable, high-quality service across all locations is your goal, digital transformation must go beyond the replacement of routers with an SD-WAN platform. It must encompass a rearchitecting of the WAN to meet your precise needs and shift towards a design that can unify network functions including routing, security, and WAN optimisation. 

This is why a managed SD-WAN solution from Hughes is your best option. We are the European experts who will listen to your needs, understand the constraints, and architect a solution that provides the best fit. 


Leave nothing to chance

Nothing is more important in networking than security. In distributed enterprises, the challenge is to achieve the right level of protection against security breaches while maintaining high service levels and productivity. Both are critically important to your reputation. 

Hughes will keep your network secure while maintaining “business as usual” quality of service at all times: We determine if your optimal technology has adequate security built in. Some might require a complementary security solution. We ensure that the solution is compliant with all the certifications and standards that your industry requires, such as Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS). 

We consider what approach best fits your WAN architecture. Some managed SD-WAN solutions in the UK have edge-based security (at individual locations) while others are cloud-based, a more centralised approach. It largely depends on whether your network is designed for intrabranch traffic or just SaaS-based traffic, with most traffic transferred through a cloud environment directly to a data centre. The answer dictates which security solutions will work for your company and we can help you determine that.

Managed SD-WAN: Battle of the Bandwidth

As more of how businesses work move online the demands on network bandwidth come under increasing pressure. Can your network keep up with the increasing demand?

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Which Managed SD-WAN Solution is best for you?

Check out our infographic to see which type of managed solution might be right for your business

Designed for Availability

Architected to exploit public and private clouds, our managed solutions enable high performance by delivering dual path connectivity that enables your network traffic to travel over the best available route for consistent quality of service and “always-on” applications. This approach also ensures built-in resilience should either circuit fail, giving you confidence that your business-critical applications will be supported with the connectivity they rely on. 


SD-WAN Solutions Overview
Guide for Enterprise

Knowing where to start can be a challenge. To help give you the right information we have created a guide for enterprise-level businesses.

The Hughes Difference


Working with Hughes to deliver your Managed SD-WAN Solution offers many advantages. 


A choice of technology and connectivity

We are technology agnostic. This means we offer you the best choice of connectivity and platform options to create the right solution for your business. Hughes uses several different underlying connectivity technologies to provide the connectivity element of our managed SD-WAN solution meaning you can benefit from the high availability and quality of service offers wherever your sites are. 

Hughes has selected a broad range of vendors and platforms for their unique strengths that can be matched to your specific business requirements. We recognise that you may have already made your own choice of platform; if so, we will support this when working with you to implement the optimum solution for your needs. 


Enjoy a smooth migration to SD-WAN 

Transitioning to SD-WAN can be difficult. With more than 35,000 sites deployed globally, Hughes has the experience and expertise to transition your organisation without service disruption. You want your network up and running quickly but you need to be sure it’s right first time. That’s why we have a highly specialised team on hand to manage all aspects of your deployment.

We are confident in our ability to deliver an exceptional service, so we give you visibility of what’s happening on your network through our HughesON portal. You can see the status of devices, circuits and tickets. You can follow the progress of projects; you can make change requests and you can even track engineers who are expected on site for installation or maintenance services. 


Quality – but at an affordable cost 

We size and cost the solution based on multiple low-cost broadband technologies rather than dedicated higher cost circuit products. Because SD-WAN technology optimises traffic flow across lower cost connectivity technologies, you still achieve the high availability experience of dedicated circuits but without the associated price tag. This makes our solutions especially cost-effective for networks requiring multi-country coverage and hybrid deployments using several technologies. The move to SD-WAN will therefore drive down the total cost of ownership through either reduced connectivity costs or reduced management overhead. We’ll also work out a pricing plan that gives you maximum transparency and predictability. 

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