Managed SD-WAN for Construction

SD-WAN for Construction

In an industry where information sharing is critical, Managed SD-WAN for Construction can ensure resilient, always-on connectivity for real-time communication and transfer of large volumes of data.

Challenges in the construction industry

Fast, reliable information sharing across diverse communication channels is critical in the construction industry. Whether from onsite to the warehouse or head office, between construction labourers, engineers, site inspectors and suppliers, a lack of effective connectivity to support this communication can impact your project schedules and cause costly delays. However, ever-evolving communication requirements can make establishing a high-performing network a challenge.

Like many construction companies, you may have introduced digital technology, such as IoT devices, Building Information Modelling, onsite 3D printing and augmented reality, to increase efficiency and sustainability. Meanwhile, wearable technology may be improving your employee safety, and IoT monitoring devices tracking your assets for better coherence in supply chains.

While each of these digital applications plays a vital role in the success of your projects, they are all data-intense, requiring a high bandwidth network.

Establishing this network across multiple construction sites, where there may be a lack of access to terrestrial infrastructure or limited coverage, can present your organisation with difficulties.

Installing permanent infrastructure in temporary or dynamically evolving environments is neither cost nor time-efficient. It may place pressure on what may be already tightly controlled budgets.

Furthermore, deploying the infrastructure for this connectivity can take 10-12 weeks, a timeline unlikely to align with construction project deadlines. However, relying on (LTE) 4G mobile coverage is also not a viable option, being unable to support the high capacity demands of your digital applications.

A further complication when addressing communication requirements within the construction industry is security.

The use of IoT, wearable devices and various other digital platforms create multiple network access points, which increase cybersecurity risks and access to sensitive data.

managed SD-WAN for construction projects

Our Managed SD-WAN for Construction is designed to address your industry's specific digital challenges. Leveraging SD-WAN capabilities, we can provide resilient, always-on connectivity that ensures high performance for your digital applications while delivering flexibility, affordability and security for your organisation.

Recent advances in the software-based solution SD-WAN mean that it can now be delivered wirelessly, a valuable advantage for the construction industry.

Our HughesON Wireless WAN solutions provide SD-WAN capabilities using a combination of cellular and satellite networks, meaning the reliability and performance of your network connectivity will be comparable to terrestrial networks.

Moreover, with wireless capabilities, we can establish secure SD-WAN connectivity to your multiple sites within days instead of weeks.

With SD-WAN, your organisation can share data between multiple sites, providing complete visibility of your critical digital processes.

Traffic across the network can be prioritised, allocating bandwidth to optimise your site communications and support operational efficiency.

With centralised network management, you can monitor and manage your digital activity, reacting to changes and troubleshooting issues early so projects stay on track.

As your sites evolve and digital requirements change, SD-WAN offers the network agility for your organisation to scale and adopt new applications as required, with little to no interruption to your operations.

managed SD-WAN for construction management

The benefits of Managed SD-WAN for Construction


For your construction company to remain competitive and deliver improvements in efficiency, sustainability and safety, leveraging industry-leading digital technology is a must. Our Managed SD-WAN for Construction Services can help your organisation move forward effortlessly with its digital strategies, offering a hassle-free, time and cost-efficient way to optimise your network and applications and make strides towards your business objectives.

Our Managed SD-WAN for Construction begins with a workshop to fully understand your unique requirements. With our technology-agnostic approach and partnerships with leading networking vendors, we can then tailor the best solution for your organisation, managing the installation process entirely to connect the technology on your site within days.

We take care of the monitoring and management of your network, optimising performance and troubleshooting any issues early to avoid disruption to your operations. Your network security is also covered as part of our Managed Services, with tailored solutions put in place to offer the best protection while supporting high levels of service and productivity.

We're specialists in supporting multi-site organisations and delivering high-quality, reliable connectivity in hard-to-reach places. With this stress-free support, you can concentrate on your projects and on meeting those all-important deadlines.

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