managed SD-WAN for petrol forecourts

SD-WAN for Petrol Forecourts

Our Managed SD-WAN for Petrol Forecourts can help support your business in diversifying revenues and offering products and services that extend beyond simply providing fuel. With Managed SD-WAN, your distributed outlets can ensure seamless experiences that fulfil the convenience, efficiency and quality that today's consumer is seeking.

The challenges faced by today’s petrol forecourts

Demand for petrol is falling as customers opt for more environmentally friendly methods of transport, such as hybrid or electric vehicles, and are reducing journeys due to rising costs. For your fuel retail business to thrive, it needs to diversify, shifting focus away from fossil fuels and towards the evolving expectations of consumers and government targets.

There is a growing opportunity upon which businesses with multiple sites, such as petrol forecourts, can capitalise.

As convenience remains a top priority for consumers, your petrol forecourts are perfectly positioned to deliver.

In towns and cities, many people live within a few minutes' drive from the nearest petrol station, many even passing them daily, making it easy for them to stop in and buy groceries.

This trend to visit a petrol forecourt for non-fuel retail (NFR) is increasing, with a shift to a revenue spend of just 20% spent on fuel versus 80% spent on NFR, predicted for 2029.

For future success, your petrol forecourts can capitalise on this opportunity.

As well as providing EV charging points, having cafes and fast-food outlets or offering value-added services, such as customer Wi-Fi, parcel collection, pharmacy and laundry services, car wash and repair, and child play areas, would ensure your petrol forecourts become valuable community assets.

managed SD-WAN for petrol forecourts retail

The role of digital and SD-WAN

As your organisation diversifies its offerings across its multiple outlets, your network will become increasingly vital in supporting the delivery of efficient, seamless services.

Digital tools, such as Point of Sale systems, internal communications and inventory management, rely on a high-performing, always-on network to manage operations.

Meanwhile, digital applications can elevate the customer experience, increasing engagement, time spent in-store and, ultimately, sales.

Technology like our retail Wi-Fi and smart cameras can help you get to know your customer better and personalise their experience.

Solutions like our digital signage can guide the customer journey, while our click-and-collect smart lockers will add speed and convenience.

SD-WAN ensures your network provides the optimum performance for these devices and applications.

As a software-based solution, supporting any connection type from any provider, it centralises the monitoring and management of WAN traffic.

By implementing overarching policies to route network traffic dynamically, SD-WAN ensures your network can deal with increased digital demands while maintaining efficient operations and high-quality user experiences.

With SD-WAN, improved network availability and reliability ensure your distributed petrol forecourts can enjoy always-on connectivity. Furthermore, enabling better agility means your network can evolve to help you meet new market demands, adopt new revenue streams and scale effortlessly.

managed SD-WAN for petrol forecourts

The benefits of managed SD-WAN for petrol forecourts

SD-WAN is a vital tool in supporting the growth and diversity of your petrol retail outlets. However, there are many options when selecting an SD-WAN solution, each with its unique approach and advantages.

As a business with many variables, choosing an SD-WAN solution that meets your needs can be challenging. Moreover, maintaining and managing the hardware can be time-consuming, costly and require dedicated expertise. 

Our Managed SD-WAN services for petrol forecourts remove these challenges by selecting, deploying and managing the technology for you. We adopt a technology-agnostic approach when providing our Managed SD-WAN services, seeking the best-of-breed solutions from leading European vendors to ensure your commercial goals are met.

Our extensive experience in Managed Network Services ensures a smooth transition to SD-WAN, avoiding service disruption and simplifying its deployment while improving network availability and quality of service.

With distributed sites, numerous digital applications and network access points, businesses can be at higher risk of a cyberattack. Taking a tailored approach to our Managed SD-WAN for petrol forecourts, we can also seek out the best security solutions, with our network security services, ensuring optimum protection and performance for your organisation.

At Hughes Network Systems Europe, with our extensive expertise in supporting multi-site organisations with their network requirements, our tailored approach to every customer and strong partnerships with leading SD-WAN providers, we can ensure your network delivers on reliability, agility, security and performance to support your growth and adaptation.

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