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Choosing the right technology – optimised WAN

Where SD-WAN is not the right solution for customers, we can deliver WAN technology that provides reliable, optimised, routing capability for distributed enterprises.

We work with leading vendors of network routing technology to ensure our customers can achieve robust networking solutions at the right price point.

Whether you’re looking to deliver the best possible network provision to optimise cost efficiency or to support new ways of working, we can help you to identify and procure the right optimised WAN solution at the right price point.

With an increasing pressure to deliver real-time applications that both enhance productivity and improve the customer and employee experience, our customers are looking to new and innovative ways to ensure their network can cope with these new demands.

Hughes in Europe can help.

With our vendor agnostic approach, we work with our customers to ensure a network design that supports dynamic prioritisation of applications, dual path resilience where needed and quality of service capability to deliver the right user experience every time.

If you have a vast distributed estate where driving consistency and cost efficiency is top of the agenda, Hughes can provide cost effective solutions.

With our experience and our strategic relationships with leading vendors, we can craft optimised network solutions that are right sized to an individual site level making sure you can benefit from mixed technologies and connectivity types to match the needs of different parts of your estate.

Check out our infographic to see which type of WAN solution might be right for your business


Check out our infographic to see which type of WAN solution might be right for your business

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Using PRISM to identify your needs

PRISM helps us to really understand what our customers need to achieve from their network and access the value they rely on to deliver competitive differentiation. We leverage our specialist knowledge to get inside your network so we can recommend the most suitable networking technology for your business.

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