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Close the terrestrial connectivity gap with Optimised Wireless Network Edge (OWNE), our innovative hybrid wireless WAN service solution for connecting people, places and things with simplicity, agility and security, whatever their location.

What is Optimised Wireless Network Edge (OWNE)?

Optimised Wireless Network Edge (OWNE) is our latest wireless WAN service solution that addresses the need of organisations today for seamless, ubiquitous network service. Wherever you grow your business or deploy your assets across the UK and Europe, OWNE ensures all your users and devices can access reliable connectivity and enjoy high performance from any application.

With a hybrid design, OWNE combines terrestrial 4G, 5G and microwave networks with GEO and LEO (OneWeb) satellites to remove any coverage gaps, even in the most remote areas. 

Incorporating assimilated SD-WAN capabilities, OWNE can deliver a service that optimises performance, resilience and security.

Alongside consistency of service, OWNE offers a number of other valuable benefits:

  • Fast deployment: Ready to go with weeks (or days with OWNE Fast Deploy)
  • Simple scalability: Ideal for data-critical industrial applications and flexible requirements
  • Complete visibility and centralised control: Provided via an integrated customer portal
  • Improved cost-efficiency: Value-based cost model based upon usage, with bespoke services and no expensive upfront investments in infrastructure
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Enhanced network capabilities with OWNE Primary Connectivity Services

From head offices in urban centres to rural locations and offshore installations, OWNE Primary Connectivity Services circumnavigates the need for lengthy terrestrial infrastructure deployments and enables you to access highly available, secure connectivity fast.

As part of our OWNE solution, we offer a bespoke wireless WAN service overlay with contractually agreed service level agreements and onsite maintenance support in every region across Europe. Our Primary Connectivity Services can also include SD-WAN for optimal management of your network capacity and performance and Platinum first-level helpdesk support. Meanwhile, our single-service pane-of-glass customer portal provides your organisation with all the data on your network activity, performance and availability.

Maximise operational activity with OWNE Fast Deploy Connectivity

Terrestrial network infrastructure can sometimes take months to deploy, precious time you could use to grow your organisation. OWNE Fast Deploy Connectivity services offer accelerated delivery and implementation of wireless WAN and secure SD-WAN connectivity so that you can be operational within days of order. With our OWNE Fast Deploy Connectivity, your organisation can quickly switch on new revenue streams, commence new projects efficiently or move freely from location to location while still enjoying the same level of service.

Leveraging unsteered multi-net SIMs and SD-WAN and ActiveTech management overlay, OWNE Fast Deploy Connectivity offers true roaming capability while ensuring optimum reliability.

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SD-WAN for Utilities infrastructure

Secure, flexible and reliable wireless connectivity for IoT & SCADA

OWNE is the ideal connectivity solution for the critical data transfer requirements of IoT and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition). By incorporating GEO and LEO (OneWeb) satellites with microwave, 4G and 5G terrestrial networks, it enables a robust, highly available and secure service, giving you fast access to your operational data wherever your devices are located.

An increasing number of distributed organisations across a wide range of industries are harnessing the benefits of IoT and SCADA for remotely monitoring their assets. OWNE enables fast and cost-effective deployment of connectivity to these devices, with the added flexibility that allows deactivation and relocation of the service to other locations as required. From utilities' infrastructure or farming devices in remote outdoor sites to stores, offices and shopping centres in built-up areas, OWNE enables efficient data transfer that optimises operations and reduces downtime.

An always-on service with our backup connectivity solution

Minimise operational downtime and its associated costs with our secure backup connectivity option. Our backup connectivity solution uses true secondary path technology, completely independent of terrestrial infrastructure, to keep your network connected 24/7, wherever your site is located, even in the most remote regions of the UK and Europe.

With integrated SD-WAN capability and link load balancing, our wireless WAN solution enables a seamless transition from the primary link to a secondary one should any service degradation occur, ensuring your critical application sessions are not compromised.

Our backup connectivity solution comprises further value-adds, including:

  • Augmentation to primary bandwidth capacity to increase capacity during peak times
  • Out-of-band management for monitoring and triage of onsite infrastructure, independent of the primary circuit
  • Fully flexibility to deactivate and relocate according to your operational needs


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