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Many companies have fallen victim to cyberattacks. A security breach can cause loss of customers, productivity and damage to your reputation. Here's how Hughes can help.


Whether you store data on premise or in the cloud, it is vulnerable to accidental or malicious deletion, ransomware and other types of data loss. The sheer volume of cyberattacks is staggering. Microsoft stops 300 million fraudulent sign-in attempts every day. Billions of potentially malicious emails are sent out daily. It only takes one of them to get through to cause damage which could cost you a fortune in data loss, down time or the consequences of privacy breaches. Every 11 seconds, a business suffers a ransomware attack.

Small and medium-sized businesses are especially vulnerable. But most lack the budget for network security services or in-house IT expertise and knowledge to protect themselves. Cybersecurity specialists are scarce and in high demand – and they command very high salaries.  

Regardless of whether you work in retail, construction, utilities, forecourts, or other industry Hughes Network Systems Europe network security services now makes it possible for you to protect your business with Security Operations Centre (SOC) Business Continuity Services and Managed Firewall services.

Hughes Europe provide world class protection for medium sized businesses