Cybersecurity for Utilities

Cybersecurity for Utilities

Our Cybersecurity for Utilities provides top-level protection for your valuable data, minimising the risk of attack and the impact on your business, infrastructure and the wider communities. As your legacy communications infrastructure evolves to integrate more modern systems, we leverage our in-depth industry expertise and bespoke solutions to ensure optimum security and continuous service throughout.

The critical importance of cybersecurity in the Utilities sector


Cybersecurity in the utilities sector is a critical, nationwide concern, with any threat not only putting the company at risk but, potentially, the infrastructure of the country. If your company uses legacy communication infrastructure alongside cyber-physical systems and relies on third-party vendors, it may be vulnerable, and cybersecurity needs to be urgently addressed.

One of the most pressing cybersecurity challenges in the utilities sector is the use of legacy communications infrastructure. These systems were not designed with cybersecurity in mind and have not had the capability to keep pace with the digital advances of today, making them more vulnerable to attack.

The impact of a cyber-attack on your utilities company extends much wider than the costly damage it can cause your business. A cyber threat can compromise your equipment and disrupt your services if your company uses cyber-physical systems to control physical or mechanical processes.

For example, the damage caused by a cyber-attack on a power grid can lead to area-wide power outages.

Moreover, the potential damage a cyber-attack on a utilities company can cause makes companies in this sector a prime target for nation-state actors. These groups may target the utilities sector as part of cyber espionage or sabotage activities. Such attacks can be highly sophisticated and challenging to detect.

The increasingly strict regulations also add pressure to utilities companies. With efficiency, sustainability and safety all under scrutiny, it is essential to have the correct systems in place to avoid hefty fines for lack of compliance.

Wireless WAN for Utilities

Network Resilience Against Threat


With a cyber-attack having the potential to cause significant and wide-ranging issues, all network access must be securely regulated.

This control includes addressing the potential of insider threats, where employees or contractors with access to critical systems may intentionally or unintentionally cause harm.

It is also essential to securely manage access from third-party vendors, like those providing services such as software and hardware, maintenance, repair and installation of equipment or surveillance. 

Cybercriminals may use their systems as an entry point to gain access to your network.

Hughes Europe Network Security Services


With the many complex cyber threats your utilities company may face, implementing optimal cybersecurity can be a timely and costly task.

However, with our specialist Cybersecurity for Utilities, we can take care of it all for you, ensuring your valuable assets are protected.

With so much at stake, best-in-class, responsive cybersecurity services are fundamental in the utilities sector.

We appreciate this importance and have designed our Cybersecurity for Utilities to ensure your assets are carefully protected, and all vulnerabilities are addressed.

2 men installing solar panels using Managed SASE for Utilities
Managed SASE for Utilities

SOC (Security Operations Centre) Services


Our SOC-as-a-Service negates the need for costly in-house expertise. Instead, we work like part of your team, gaining a complete understanding of your unique network and its challenges and implementing tailored, proactive strategies to optimise security while ensuring network performance is not compromised.

With our full range of SOC cloud-based functions and expert cybersecurity team, we ensure 24/7 protection, monitoring your IT assets and responding to any identified cyber threats appropriately.

Full visibility of our Managed Services is provided via our customer portal and regular Critical Observations Reports, and we are always available to offer any further support needed.

Managed Firewall Services


Firewalls are essential for your utilities company to protect your critical systems and data from external cyber threats. With your complex network comprising many systems, devices and applications, our Managed Firewall Services take a zero-trust approach to ensure the best cyber protection. This protection is delivered across three main areas:

  • Segmentation: By separating your systems and their traffic paths, we isolate threats and limit any damage from a cyber-attack.
  • Configuration: Utilising appropriate data encryption, we ensure the secure transfer of your valuable information between your various sites.
  • Patch management: Deploying security updates, platform patches and software improvements, we can provide your network and systems with the most up-to-date and complete cyber protection.
man assessing Managed SASE for Utilities
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