PCI Compliance

Hughes Network Systems Europe (HNSE) is experienced in supporting customers that have PCI DSS obligations working alongside several high street retailers to ensure that our network solution (whether VSAT, xDSL, Wi-Fi) meets the exacting requirements of PCI DSS.

HNSE recognise that the scope of the applicable PCI requirements is dependent on a number of factors (e.g. the network configuration, encryption methods employed and services offered).  As such; we work, with each customer to ensure that the PCI scope is fully defined, agreed and the applicable processes and controls are selected from our security management system and implemented.

Working closely with our customers and with a leading security consultancy who provide us support through experienced Qualified Security Assessors and, where required, Reports of Compliance.

Hughes Europe has a full range of PCI DSS-compliant WAN managed services to help secure PCI certification along with Wireless PCI Intrusion and Detection services.

Through our Managed Wi-Fi service either as an overlay to your existing deployment or as part of a new deployment the Hughes PCI Wireless Scanning Service protects your corporate data and your customer's’ private data from malicious attack. With this turn-key managed solution, Hughes supplies, installs, and maintains the Wi-Fi access point equipment and software, monitoring your network 24x7 so you can focus on your business and not worry about your network’s wireless security.

With wireless networks proliferating at business locations nationwide, it's more important than ever to stand guard against rogue Wi-Fi and wireless attacks. Hughes operates a centralised delivery system employing a wireless access point at each retail location, which scans for the presence of unauthorised wireless devices. Any rogue device is detected automatically and the retailer is notified electronically for remediation actions.

Added Benefits and Cost Savings

Because the wireless monitoring network seamlessly integrates with your existing network, minimal network engineering is needed by internal staff. PCI reports can be generated automatically or manually provided in line with your business requirements and PCI compliance audits and examinations, making the compliance process as seamless and inexpensive as possible. In addition, the wireless monitoring network can provide services such as private wireless access for employees and guest Wi-Fi services, helping to improve return on investment.