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Managing complexity? Here's How Hughes Can Help

Pan-European networks

Making the right connections

A leading brand in the retail petroleum sector with more than 6500 sites distributed across Europe wanted to ensure consistency across their network to improve cost efficiencies, increase productivity and prepare for a digital transformation project to help deliver an optimised customer experience. To achieve this they faced some significant challenges: Their network was disparate with a variety of different technologies and Telco suppliers; They wanted to be able to manage this from a single point both in terms of monitoring and administration; They needed to deliver a compliant environment for Health and Safety across different countries, financial regulation and European data protection laws

Hughes Europe, with our strong consultative approach, worked with our customer to identify the best solution to help them meet their objectives. This consultative and collaborative approach meant that our customer trusts us to help them make the right decisions. We are now working together on a project focused on optimising the wide area network to deliver the highest levels of application availability which will further enhance the customer experience.

Hughes has been helping our customer to see increasing value from our delivery of this pan-European managed network solution for many years 

With Hughes, over 30,000 National Lottery outlets are always connected

When it comes to The National Lottery, secure and reliable connectivity is everything. But with over 30,000 Hughes-connected outlets throughout the UK, avoiding outages and downtime was a challenge. Add into the mix the thought of the terminal network failing two minutes before the draw closes, and you can see the pressure is on to be constantly connected. That’s why The National Lottery’s licensed operator Camelot turned to the high-quality levels of service connectivity offered by the Hughes dependable nationwide satellite broadband service and high performance satellite terminal network. Robust enough to maintain multiple connections at all times and support tens of thousands of simultaneous, rapid-fire and deadline-driven transactions around the clock - without efficiency dropping - the National Lottery network can now always perform at its best. That means, at each National Lottery site, customers can buy the ticket they need, when they need it, with a typical transaction taking about 1.2 seconds. And with ongoing maintenance and support, apart from raising an average of over £30 million each week for National Lottery Good Causes, and transforming the lives of its many winners, Camelot can rely on Hughes from a technology perspective.

Large scale networks
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