Better Customer Experiences Start with Employee Training

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Ensuring that your staff are ahead of the game when it comes to your customers has never been so important. Here at Hughes we provide a range of eLearning platforms to help you maintain the high standards expected from your customers.

In today’s retail environment, it is seen as a must to create the same digital experience customers find online, in your stores. Consumers choose were to purchase, how to purchase and when to purchase based on the shopping experience, making real-time interaction important both in-store and online.

We will be discussing topics, including:

  • Importance of creating a knowledgeable workforce through eLearning platforms
  • How to bridge the gap between the online and in-store customer experience through the use of new and innovative technologies
  • Educating the distributed workforce

Learn how ensure your staff are one step ahead of your customers. Join us on Tuesday 9thMay.


Smart Consumers are Wi-Fi-Aholics
How do you keep Wi-Fi consistent and use it to support your brand?


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Whether shopping, eating or staying away for the weekend, Wi-Fi has become a ‘must have’ for consumers. Wi-Fi systems have evolved considerably allowing you to extend your business reach and increase engagement with your customers.

Hughes Network Systems and MoJo Networks will be discussing how to intelligently deploy Wi-Fi across your business.

  • Keeping a consistently high level of service to support your brand

  • Selecting the right level of service for your business

  • What is intelligent networking

  • How to effectively engage with your customers, using Wi-Fi technologies

Learn how to deploy an intelligent Wi-Fi network across your business. Join us on 27th July. Register Now.

Overview: DATE: July 27th TIME: 15:00GMT

Speaker Profile:  Mojo Networks

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