Quality Policy

Hughes Network Systems Europe is committed to setting the standard for excellence in our industry and earning the respect of our customers, competitors and vendors throughout Europe. We achieve this by designing and delivering products and services that consistently satisfy our customers' requirements and exceed their expectations. We continually identify, evaluate and adopt best practices to ensure that we remain at the leading edge of our industry.

As Quality performance can only be achieved through people, we are committed to investing in our employees and maintaining an environment which promotes and recognises standards of excellence. All employees are aware of the contribution they make to our quality goals and customer satisfaction.

Quality Approach

The basic principle throughout our Service Lifecycle is that we employ a structured, controlled approach that is centered on the customer, built upon continual improvement and the experience of our people. The customer is actively involved throughout every stage of the Service Lifecycle. The Sales and Programme Management teams are responsible for building and maintaining positive relationships with our customers. All customer contracts are thoroughly reviewed to ensure that we have the capability to meet customer requirements.

The Service Management processes that underpin this model have been developed using the ITIL Service Management framework. These processes have been implemented via an integrated Service Management System.

Third party suppliers play an important part in the Service Lifecycle. HNSE works closely with suppliers to ensure that our standards for quality products and services are met. Processes are in place to ensure that Supplier performance is actively monitored and managed. The Quality Management System provides the framework for the management of the processes associated with the model.


The Hughes Network Systems Europe Quality Management System is certified to ISO9001:2008 (and has been since 1997).