Technology & Service Partners

Hughes Europe is proud to partner with a number of leading technology organisations, working across multiple industry sectors in order to bring maximum value to your business.

Founded in 1947, Bentley Walker was amongst the first companies to provide satellite broadband services when the technology was launched in Europe in 1999. A partnership with Hughes was formed in 2001 to deliver their packaged services into the Middle-East with the relationship evolving when Bentley Walker elected to manage their own HX platform in 2007. 2012 saw the launch of Bentley Walker's Freedomsat service, which brought the speed and cost advantages of Ka-band to users across Africa and the Middle-east, all supported by the Hughes HN hub architecture.

Bentley Walker has built up their business partners across the world, resulting in a global support network to meet the demands of clients from all sectors. Early adopters of the latest technology they are known for their expert support and customer service.

Mojo are shaking up the Enterprise Wi-Fi industry. Customers are ready for a modern Wi-Fi network that doesn’t rely on outdated controllers and proprietary hardware. Mojo’s cloud-managed Wi-Fi solution is based on a radical vision for creating networks that reach new heights in performance, security, scalability, and ease-of-use. Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Mountain View, CA, Mojo Networks delivers brilliant Wi-Fi to many of the world’s top brands and highest levels of government. Learn more at

Hughes and Mojo have a much valued and long-standing partnership and collectively deliver this brilliant Wi-Fi experience to many European high street retailers and global enterprises in the energy sector.



Telespazio, a Leonardo and Thales 67/33 joint venture, is one of the world’s leading operators in satellite services. Its activities range from the design and development of space systems to the management of launch services, from in-orbit satellite control to Earth observation, from integrated communications, satellite navigation and localisation services to scientific programmes. Telespazio plays a leading role in the reference markets harnessing technological experience acquired over the years. Since its establishment, the company has participated in major European space programmes such as Galileo, EGNOS, Copernicus and COSMO-SkyMed. 

Telespazio and Hughes cooperate since 2003 establishing a joint HN Hub in Fucino to deliver broadband service in Italy. The business cooperation was expanded to Europe in 2006 with the launch of Marco Polo services and on 2008 also HX was added. The Fucino platforms currently allow both companies to deliver broadband services as well as large projects, from STIME to Camelot and Mart Cinema.