With Hughes it’s game on – no matter where you are in Europe.


Today, Hughes is running more than 35,000 lottery retail locations in Europe alone and over 100,000 locations worldwide. So if you need a communications partner with unrivalled experience and understanding of the lotteries sector, look no further.

For lottery operators, it's all about reliability and security - the transaction has to go through, no matter what the technical challenges put in the way. And this is where Hughes' unrivalled expertise can meet the most demanding of lottery requirements.

Hughes unique optimised VPN approach ensures that we select the network that best fits both your budget and your security and reliability requirements

  • Hughes is the only connectivity service provider that is both a member of WLA & EL - we speak your language and know your challenges day in day out

  • We are there for the distance - not only to sell you connectivity but to support all your moves and changes throughout the length of your license period

  • Flexibility - no matter if you want to drastically expand your estate or if you want to add new games to the mix - Hughes is there to support your business goals

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