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Business Challenges_Resilience-and-Security

Dealing with Security Risks 

Many Digital Transformation programs have resulted in an acceleration in online data sharing.

As enterprises grow and the complexity of their network architecture increases, the network security risks have become equally challenging and significant.  

An evolving threat 

With companies adopting new applications and platforms to keep pace with the fast-moving advances in digital technology, network security risks become more widespread and continually change as malware takes advantage of new vulnerabilities. 

Manually addressing all security risks and updating protection to protect the integrity of the network is time-consuming and costly.

A centralised solution for using software and hardware technology to protect business assets and data is vital. 

An Entire Business Consideration 

Protecting companies against cyberattacks and breaches goes further than leveraging firewalls, data encryption and anti-virus software to ensure digital network security; companies require a proactive, resilient approach that addresses all stakeholders, processes and assets. 

To achieve network resilience companies need to obtain a complete understanding of their digital networks and how they are accessed, with centralised policies and processes for authenticating and controlling user behaviour and preventing loss of data.  

Resilience despite attack 

The complexity of these cyber security challenges means that even the most secure networks can fall victim to attack. Having solutions for managing the fallout, minimising downtime and avoiding widespread disruption that results in damage to a company’s bottom line and reputation is critical.  

Solutions that provide network resilience, so a company can continue its operational activity while identifying and suppressing breaches will protect its future long-term. 

Business Challenges_Resilience-and-Security
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