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Turn online shoppers into in-store buyers with Hughes Smart Store solutions


Today’s customers expect the convenience of online retail perfectly integrated with the pleasures of in-person shopping. Transform your retail customer experience with the in-store technology of our Smart Store solutions to:

  • Engage your customers
  • Increase footfall
  • Reinforce your brand
  • Drive sales

With Hughes Managed Network Solutions optimising the network traffic of all your Smart Store applications, your customer is assured of fast, high-quality network performance as they transition from online to in-store and enjoy a seamless blended experience.

We can help you use in-store technology to optimise the customer experience in store so your customers keep coming back.


Connect with Smart Wi-Fi


Leverage the desire for free retail Wi-Fi to get to know your customers better and deliver a personalised experience in your Smart Stores.

Accessed via your branded Wi-Fi portal, customers can receive targeted messages, offers and games, which generate engagement and loyalty with your store.

As with data collected during online shopping, you can use in-store technology to learn more about the success of your products and marketing campaigns to maximise your long-term growth via highly targeted future strategies.

Smart WiFi

Dynamic direction with Digital Signage


Create a captivating shopping experience with dynamic digital signage. With highly visual, engaging messages, Smart Store digital signage can be used not just to inform but to influence, guide and excite.

With centralised control and easy-to-use, flexible content management options, this in-store technology is the perfect tool to reinforce your brand identity while encouraging customers through their buyer journey.

Add ease with Smart Lockers


Entice customers into your stores with the ease of a click-and-collect Smart Locker that provides many shopper benefits:

  • Fast and contactless
  • No shipping costs or risk of missed deliveries
  • Avoids queues
  • Collect at their convenience

With Hughes managing installation and support of your in-store technology, you can simply benefit from the increased footfall and additional ad-hoc purchases that this Smart Store solution brings.

Click and Collect Lockers

Smart Cameras with Movement Analytics


Smart Cameras with Movement Analytics in the retail environment enables you to gain insights on trends in customer behaviour while physically present in your stores. This gives you invaluable information to help with store layout, merchandising and queue-busting - to name a few advantages.

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