HughesON MediaTV™

Tailor your message to your customers and employees using live broadcast TV.


High-Impact Communications While You Watch

Improved communication is better for the bottom line. IT managers are tasked by marketing, store operations, and HR to communicate with customers and employees in a more effective manner. What they need is a high-impact way to deliver that information amid the constant noise and competing messages of today’s marketplace.

HughesON MediaTV™ is a suite of products and services tailored to your business needs to provide both customer and employee facing messaging alongside broadcast live TV. HughesON MediaTV™ is a turnkey offering that combines a media player feeding a high-definition screen in your breakroom, lobby, waiting area, dining room, or wherever your customers or employees congregate. Convey your customised messages, promote products and services, and provide important information to your customers and employees while they are watching television. The result is happier customers and more productive employees.

Tailor to Your Specific Needs

Content and messages can be tailored to each store’s needs through a Web browser, and users can mix and match videos, images, Web pages, and information feeds to create engaging viewer experiences. In addition, content can include a customised information ticker, live broadcast HDTV, new product information and videos, branch news, company benefits information, and much more.

Every HughesON MediaTV™ service includes all the hardware and installation necessary to distribute the content within each site and across all your branch locations, including media servers, players, TV receivers, and digital displays.

Keep Staff and Customers Up-to-Date

Through a centrally managed network of high-definition screen televisions in employee breakrooms, waiting rooms, and other areas, your organisation can deliver customised company content and infotainment, including broadcast live TV. With HughesON MediaTV™, your multi-branch organisation will keep staff and customers up-to-date about new products, services, and other content, helping to improve the customer/employee experience.

Hughes Breakroom TV™

Improve the Customer Experience by Improving the Employee Experience

Quality breaks mean more effective employees when they come back to work. Hughes BreakroomTV™ raises employee morale with infotainment by offering live broadcast TV, as well as tailored store information via an integrated video communications and employee information system. It’s an effective and fun way for employees to learn about the company’s business and products, and the result is happier, smarter employees who improve the brand and the customer experience.

  • Provide an enjoyable breakroom experience and improve employee satisfaction

  • Entertain and inform your staff

  • Deliver benefits announcements and important company information

  • Make sure employees know more about your products and services than customers do

  • Drive store results with tailored messaging to each store

Hughes Waiting Room TV™

Enhance the Customer Experience

Hughes WaitingRoom TV™ offers live broadcast TV, as well as tailored store information via an integrated video communications system. It is designed to decrease your customer's perceived wait time while simultaneously uplifting sales by introducing new products and services through a system that already has their attention.

  • Make your customer’s wait an enjoyable experience with customised programming

  • Engage and inform your customers with dynamic lifestyle video and graphics

  • Promote the store brand, special sales, and loyalty and credit card programmes

  • Keep customers more informed, loyal, and satisfied

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