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Protect your network, your data, and your brand image with Hughes Managed Security.


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Cybercrime is growing exponentially and is becoming more sophisticated. The stakes are high for your company and your customers. You need to be confident your network partner can help secure your network and your customers’ private data.

Hughes Managed Security Services help protect your network, your data, and your reputation. We can help you secure your enterprise in vital ways, from achieving a PCI-compliant network architecture, to centralising control of your enterprise as it evolves, and from extending a security infrastructure over the entire network, to providing monitoring and support.

Secure Transactions

A fully-managed, PCI-compliant security offering integrated across the entire Hughes-managed network.

PCI Wireless Intrusion Detection and Prevention

A cost-effective managed solution to safeguard customer data and maintain PCI compliance.

Secure Remote Access

Highly-secure remote access through a Virtual Private Network (VPN) with two-factor authentication.

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