Interactive Kiosks

Touch-screen interactive kiosks take digital signage to the next level and enhance communication with your customers.


An active approach to consumer engagement

While a well-conceived, dynamic digital signage solution does indeed pay dividends, a passive display of information may fail to engage certain consumers. Especially in retail environments popping with bright colors, loud music, or flashy displays, your customers have a lot competing for their attention. Interactive kiosks are a great way to keep their eyeballs on your content.

Take Digital Signage to the next level by allowing shoppers to make a personal selection from an almost limitless amount of content. Interactive kiosks help customers find products, research available options or find information on how to use a product. They can also provide a wealth of information about your customer’s interests and purchasing patterns. A good Interactive Kiosk solution can infinitely enhance a retailers’ communications with their customers.

Higher levels of customer service

Touch-screen Interactive Kiosks with barcode readers are proven to help increase sales and improve the overall shopping experience.

  • Enhance customer loyalty by providing detailed product information in-store

  • Raise prestige of brand

  • Relieve in-store staff of need to provide basic information to customers

  • Successfully engage with shoppers reluctant to approach sales associates with queries

  • Generate additional revenue selling advertising space on the Interactive Kiosk

Take your digital signage to the next level with HughesInteractive Kiosks, one of the more information-rich tools in the Retail Media Network Suite.

  • Directly impact buying patterns at the first moment of truth

  • Offer higher levels of customer service

Hughes offers an extensive portfolio of managed service options to meet a variety of business challenges, including:

  • Business IPTV delivers high-impact corporate communications to all your locations using high-quality video.

  • Optimized VPN leverages wireline and wireless technologies to deliver secure and reliable broadband connectivity to all your locations.

A Snapshot of Hughes

  • Over 25 years of experience managing large-scale enterprise networks

  • TMC Labs Innovation Award for Hughes Enterprise VoIP (2012)

  • Top-tier IP VPN Provider according to Vertical Systems Group (2008)

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