Interactive Kiosks

Touch-screen interactive kiosks take digital signage to the next level and enhance communication with your customers.


An active approach to consumer engagement

While a well-conceived, dynamic digital signage solution does indeed pay dividends, a passive display of information may fail to engage certain consumers. Especially in retail environments popping with bright colors, loud music, or flashy displays, your customers have a lot competing for their attention. Interactive kiosks are a great way to keep their eyeballs on your content.

Take Digital Signage to the next level by allowing shoppers to make a personal selection from an almost limitless amount of content. Interactive kiosks help customers find products, research available options or find information on how to use a product. They can also provide a wealth of information about your customer’s interests and purchasing patterns. A good Interactive Kiosk solution can infinitely enhance a retailers’ communications with their customers.

Higher levels of customer service

Touch-screen Interactive Kiosks with barcode readers are proven to help increase sales and improve the overall shopping experience.

  • Enhance customer loyalty by providing detailed product information in-store

  • Raise prestige of brand

  • Relieve in-store staff of need to provide basic information to customers

  • Successfully engage with shoppers reluctant to approach sales associates with queries

  • Generate additional revenue selling advertising space on the Interactive Kiosk

Practical and adaptable

Interactive Kiosks can be tailored to meet your specific needs. For example, the addition of a printer allows shoppers to take the information they’ve requested with them, particularly useful if, say, the customer creates a list of items to purchase or accesses a recipe in-store. The car rental company Hertz uses Interactive Kiosks to provide customers with personal maps for their onward journey. Many large bookstores allow customers to preview music, films, games and books at the point of sale. By scanning a barcode or using the touch screen, shoppers can instantly access previews or reviews, and can even place orders online or from the back catalogue.

Interactive kiosks from HUGHES can help you create a vibrant, exciting in-store presence and help drive incremental sales.

Take your digital signage to the next level with HughesInteractive Kiosks, one of the more information-rich tools in the Retail Media Network Suite.

  • Directly impact buying patterns at the first moment of truth

  • Offer higher levels of customer service

  • Reach consumers who have tuned out traditional advertising

  • Enhance shopping experience while strengthening brand identity

  • Generate additional revenue via sale of advertising space

Hughes offers an extensive portfolio of managed service options to meet a variety of business challenges, including:

  • Business IPTV delivers high-impact corporate communications to all your locations using high-quality video.

  • Optimized VPN leverages wireline and wireless technologies to deliver secure and reliable broadband connectivity to all your locations.

  • High-Availability VPN delivers unsurpassed network availability for your branch locations—up to 99.99+%.

  • Access Continuity ensures your branch locations stay online in the event of a wireline disruption

  • Emergency Services ensures your locations stay online in the event of a disaster.

A Snapshot of Hughes

  • Over 25 years of experience managing large-scale enterprise networks

  • TMC Labs Innovation Award for Hughes Enterprise VoIP (2012)

  • Top-tier IP VPN Provider according to Vertical Systems Group (2008)

  • Frost & Sullivan North American Retail Market Leadership Award (2007)

  • Approximately 260,000 locations managed for Fortune 500 enterprises

  • A leader in business IP video delivery for digital signage, corporate communications and training applications

  • Global service delivery with sales offices and operations worldwide

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