Secure Transactions

A fully-managed, PCI-compliant security offering integrated across the entire network.


Keep Data Secure and Threats at Bay

In today's economy, security threats are multiplying every day—both in volume and type. As businesses struggle to protect their valuable information, they're faced with even more challenges: the need to process more credit card transactions even faster and to meet stringent PCI regulations whose standards are constantly changing. Add to that the rise of identity theft, and it can become time-consuming and costly for businesses to respond. Yet the risks and penalties for non-compliance with the latest PCI standards are even more severe.

In light of the risks involved with credit transaction security and the key role the WAN plays in data security, choosing a managed network service provider with experience in this critical aspect of your transaction-processing environment can greatly simplify attainment and management of PCI compliance. Hughes is one of the most experienced national providers of PCI-compliant network services, and offers PCI solutions for both VPN-over-the-Internet and private network configurations. Choosing Hughes gives enterprises maximum flexibility in deployment of a network solution that is best suited to their overall business needs and priorities.

Through our Managed Security Services, enterprises can protect their information assets, minimise the time to respond to threats, save administrative time and costs, and meet compliance requirements. With Hughes, corporations can be confident they have a next-generation security solution that will help them navigate through the quagmire of security threats.

Highly Secure Network Services

  • Full range of PCI DSS-compliant WAN services to help secure PCI certification

  • Wireless PCI Intrusion and Detection services

  • State-of-the-art encryption

  • Extensive managed firewall services

  • Centralised network architecture reduces security threats

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