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Cybersecurity for Retail

With the specialist expertise, tools and functions of our Cybersecurity for Retail, we can provide top-level cyber protection for your retail organisation. No matter how cybersecurity evolves, our services will support your business as it grows, minimising your risk of attack and reducing downtime should one occur.

The changing cyber threats faced by retailers

Cybersecurity challenges in the retail sector have evolved significantly in recent years. The adoption of new technology, including the rise in cloud computing and the use of IoT, alongside the increase in remote connectivity across multiple sites, have created new opportunities for cybercriminals to exploit vulnerabilities across your business, making cybersecurity more critical than ever.

As a retailer, handling cardholder data and personal consumer information is an everyday occurrence. Point-of-Sale (POS) systems are a common target for cyber-attacks. Meanwhile, the increase in mobile payments and e-commerce means that increasingly high volumes of sensitive data are being transmitted and stored, creating a higher incentive for cybercriminals to target your business. Therefore, it is imperative to adopt solutions for keeping this data safe, protecting your business and its consumers, and complying with industry regulations.

Your employees or contractors remotely accessing sensitive data across multiple sites could also be a cause concern, particularly if these individuals are unaware of the risks and could potentially create a security breach. It is also crucial to ensure that third-party vendors, such as payment processors, logistics providers or software vendors, have adopted the appropriate security measures and comply with industry regulations when handling your information.

While Smart Store solutions may deliver outstanding value when seeking to understand your consumer, optimise the user experience and improve operational efficiency, they can also introduce further vulnerability if the appropriate security measures are not implemented. Leveraging technology, such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things (IoT) devices, introduces new cybersecurity risks, with increased interfaces and multiple points of access for cybercriminals to attack.

As a specialist in the retail sector, we appreciate the cybersecurity challenges you are facing, and we have designed our Cybersecurity for Retail to provide a solution. 

Managed SASE for Retail

Hughes Europe Network Security Services

With cybersecurity specialists in high demand and time and budget making in-house security operations centres (SOC) not always viable, Our comprehensive Cybersecurity for Retail offers a cost and time-effective way for your retail business to stay safe from attack.

We have extensive expertise in supporting multi-site enterprises and take a tailored approach to service delivery for every client, so are confident that we can provide first-rate cybersecurity services for your retail organisation.

SOC (Security Operations Centre) Services


Hughes SOC-as-a-Service offers the full range of SOC cloud-based functions and the expertise of our cybersecurity specialists to ensure your multiple retail sites, offices, and warehouses get world-class cyber protection 24/7 at a manageable cost. As part of our Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), we create bespoke strategies for analysing your security risks and deploying proactive measures for tackling the identified threat. With increased visibility and actionable security intelligence, your retail business can benefit from optimum levels of protection without hindering your network performance.

Offering transparency in our service delivery, you'll receive our regular Critical Observation Reports and have access to our team of specialists who will answer any questions and review, assess and provide support around any security incidents.

Wireless WAN for Retail

Our Cybersecurity for Retail solutions

We offer a range of cybersecurity solutions tailored to the retail sector. Specifically, these include:

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR): A proactive service that monitors your network 24/7 for any signs of malicious activity or breaches. Our team of experts will analyse any alerts and respond swiftly to contain and remediate any threats before they cause damage or disruption to your business.
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): A solution that protects your devices from advanced malware and ransomware attacks. EDR uses artificial intelligence and behavioural analysis to detect and block any suspicious or malicious activity on your endpoints (such as laptops or POS terminals), preventing data theft or encryption.
  • Network Detection and Response (NDR): A solution that monitors your network traffic for any anomalies or indicators of compromise. NDR uses machine learning and deep packet inspection to identify any malicious actors or actions on your network (such as lateral movement or data exfiltration), enabling you to isolate and stop them quickly.
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM): A solution that collects and correlates data from various sources across your IT environment (such as logs, events, alerts) to provide you with a holistic view of your security status. SIEM helps you detect patterns or trends that indicate potential threats or incidents on your network.
  • SOC as Service: A service that provides you with access to our state-of-the-art Security Operations Centre (SOC), where our certified security analysts monitor and manage your security solutions around the clock. SOC as Service gives you peace of mind that your security is always in good hands.

By combining these solutions with our other cybersecurity services such as vulnerability management, penetration testing, security awareness training and incident response planning, we can provide you with a comprehensive security posture that covers all aspects of your retail business.

Wireless WAN for Retail

Managed Firewall Services


Firewalls are an essential tool for any business’s cybersecurity. When managing a multi-site retail business, getting the best configuration that ensures optimum security across your numerous points of access without impacting network performance can be challenging. Our Managed Firewall Services provide a solution to this predicament.

We seek to gain a complete understanding of your digital environment, then, adopting a zero-trust approach, focus on the three core components of segmentation, configuration and patch management for your security implementation.

  • Segmentation addresses the different needs of and risks to your data and its traffic paths, allowing isolation of threats and supporting damage limitation.
  • Configuration deals with the management of your secure connectivity, encrypting data appropriately to ensure secure transmission between your various sites and central location.
  • Patch management handles the evolving cyber threats, managing your security updates, platform patches and software improvements to continue to offer maximum network protection.

Business Continuity Services


Should a cyber-attack occur, the priority is getting your operations up and running again with minimal interruption. Our Business Continuity Services make the disaster recovery process simple and painless for your business.

With our cloud-based Hughes SaaS Protection, we provide an easy, automated, secure and comprehensive backup solution, enabling you to recover data quickly and get your doors open for business without delay.

Managed SASE for Retail
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