Managed SASE for Retail

Managed SASE for Retail

With our Managed SASE for retail solution, your enterprise can ensure a high-quality experience for all network users across your distributed sites while maintaining optimum security for your business.


The challenges of digital transformation for retail businesses


For all retail businesses today, staying current with the latest digital trends is essential for remaining competitive. It may be by adopting in-store digital signage, click-and-collect smart lockers or smart customer Wi-Fi to ensure ease and engagement for your customers’ visits or to support a seamless transition between online and in-store experiences. Perhaps you are integrating IoT technology and SaaS into your operational processes to monitor aspects such as stock levels, product life cycles or customer behaviours and optimise activity.

While new digital technology supports retail enterprises in improving their customer experience and maximising sales, it also presents two significant challenges: network performance and security.

Why digital applications can impede network performance

Smart technology, IoT and SaaS are excellent tools for enhancing the customer experience, but they can put a strain on the network. 

Many retail businesses may have integrated these applications organically, accessing them via multiple public or private clouds without the network architecture to support optimal performance. Their complexity and data-intensive processes require greater bandwidth, which can lead to congested network traffic and reduced performance across your applications.

The concerns around cybersecurity

As more digital devices require access points to your network, opportunities for cyber-attacks increase. This concern is compounded by the rise in remote and hybrid working practices, with employees using unsecured home networks or personal devices to access your applications. Cyber-criminals are exploiting these changes to create data breaches that can cause a resounding impact on your business.

Hughes Managed SASE for retail offers an innovative solution that ensures optimum availability, performance and security for your network regardless of where your users require access.

Our Managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution brings together industry-leading performance and security software to provide a single, unified cloud service that takes care of the challenges faced by today’s distributed retail enterprises.


Managed SASE for Retail

The benefits of Managed SASE for Retail

While managing network availability to provide a high-quality user experience across all your applications or SaaS and enabling edge transformation for your business, it also ensures your network is fully protected.

The benefits of Managed SASE solutions include:

  • Optimum performance when accessing all applications hybrid, multi, and SaaS cloud with a multi-tenanted extensible platform and 200+ Points of Presence worldwide
  • A highly secure, reliable solution for your distributed sites and users, whether accessing your network from head office, regional branches or home, as well as from personal devices
  • Reduced complexity and improved efficiency, providing a single integrated management platform for network performance, security and edge services
  • Ease of edge transformation to a multi-cloud architecture enabling your retail enterprise to evolve efficiently.

Efficient access and performance


Leveraging the latest SD-WAN technology alongside other intelligent network solutions, our Managed SASE controls network traffic to optimise access to applications, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and SaaS.

From the shop floor to head office or employees working remotely, our Managed SASE for retail delivers a comprehensive workforce solution.

As a multi-tenanted, scalable architecture model, it ensures the availability, reliability and efficiency for all your network and edge requirements.

Managed SASE for Retail
managed SD-WAN for retail shopping

The best-level cyber protection for your network


Hughes Managed SASE solution integrates our Managed Security Services to offer uncompromised security across all your network activity.

No matter where your users connect from or which device they use, our Managed SASE for retail protects against all current, new and evolving cyber threats.

Utilising a zero-trust security framework alongside our cloud-hosted Security Operations Centre, we can protect against all internal and external cyber threats by providing complete visibility and control of access to your SaaS and cloud applications.

Our value-added Managed Services for retail businesses

At Hughes, we’re highly experienced in partnering with multi-site retail organisations, so we understand the complex challenges involved.

As a technology-agnostic Managed Service Provider with strong partnerships with leading European vendors, we can identify the best technologies for your requirements.

With our comprehensive approach of plan, resource, implement and support, our team of network specialists will deploy and manage every step of your SASE adoption, ensuring seamless integration with little to no interruption to your operational activity. 

Our dedicated team is committed to delivering outstanding service and is available to answer any questions or solve any network challenges your retail business may face. Combining our expertise with this industry-leading Managed SASE solution, we can support improved efficiency, productivity and growth of your business.

Wireless WAN for Retail
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