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SD-WAN for Utilities

Managed SD-WAN for Utilities ensures network resilience and availability for always-on connectivity, supporting better efficiency and data security while giving your utility company the agility to transition with ease from legacy communications infrastructure.

Challenges in the utilities industry

With increasingly stricter regulations and concerns around the climate, better efficiency, sustainability and visibility have never been more critical for utilities companies. However, if your company is still reliant on legacy communications infrastructure, delivering on these expectations can be challenging.

While more agile, modern systems will help your company comply with these regulations and fulfil more eco-friendly goals, switching over is a complex process. However, with competitors making the switch-over, continuing to rely on legacy communications infrastructure may lead to a loss in market share.

Meanwhile, new technology, such as IoT devices, is emerging to support utilities companies in monitoring operational activity. These devices can offer immense benefits, enabling improvements in efficiency, sustainability and safety, helping you maintain a high level of service and reputation.

However, these IoT devices and applications can put a significant strain on the network, slowing performance, hindering reliability and, therefore, impacting user experience. They also create concerns around cybersecurity. With multiple points of access to your network, IoT technology can increase the risk of a cyberattack and loss of your critical data.

Another challenge faced by the utilities sector is the location of assets. With these stretching across wide areas and through remote environments, terrestrial coverage is often limited or unavailable, and deployment of terminals for alternative connectivity may be challenging.

However, often these assets are not overseen full-time by onsite personnel, so the capability to remotely monitor and manage assets from a central base is vital.

Our Managed SD-WAN for Utilities is designed to address each one of these specific industry challenges.

SD-WAN for Utilities wind turbine

The Role of Wireless SD-WAN

Our SD-WAN solutions deliver network resilience and availability, ensuring always-on connectivity and high performance from wherever it is accessed. SD-WAN also provides the agility and security required to support the integration of emerging technologies.

As a software-based solution, SD-WAN can be easily overlaid on your existing WAN infrastructure. This seamless process supports migration away from end-of-life, legacy communication infrastructure, easing the pressure in the lead-up to the upcoming PSTN switch-off.

With SD-WAN, you can prioritise network traffic and simplify deployments to remote sites, supporting better network performance, availability and, therefore, user experience. Leveraging 4G, 5G and satellite coverage, you can be confident of reliable connectivity, even for your assets in remote areas.

Our SD-WAN solutions provide centralised network traffic visibility and management, enabling you to allocate bandwidth as and where required, ensuring your users can access the critical data needed to support smooth operations and enhanced productivity.

This remote access improves efficiency and reduces costs by minimising the need for onsite visits and troubleshooting issues early.

SD-WAN offers the agility for you to scale your business with ease, adopting new technologies and sites seamlessly while still ensuring the high performance of your network.

With this network flexibility, your business can evolve alongside industry changes, reducing the complexity of adhering to new regulations and climate goals while remaining competitive in the market.

SD-WAN for Utilities infrastructure

The benefits of managed SD-WAN for utilities


At Hughes Network Systems Europe, we are specialists in supporting multi-site organisations with their network requirements. With many SD-WAN solutions on the market, our Managed SD-WAN for Utilities can help you select, adopt and manage the best one for your company.

With strong partnerships with leading network vendors and our technology-agnostic approach, we can ensure that your solutions are tailored to your precise needs, helping you deliver better efficiency, sustainability and performance.

As a Managed SD-WAN Service Provider, we provide a time- and cost-efficient way of ensuring optimal performance from your network. We make the switch from legacy communication infrastructure seamless, getting your new network solutions up and running in days rather than weeks, with little to no service interruption.

We also include network security as part of our Managed Services, taking a bespoke approach to ensure your company has the right level of protection that minimises cyberattacks without hindering performance.

As well as managing the entire installation and set-up process, our experienced team will continue to ensure all network activity runs smoothly, troubleshooting any issues early before they impact your operational activity. We are confident that our team can deliver exceptional service, making the process of updating your network hassle-free and supporting the future growth of your company.

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