Managed SASE for Construction

Managed SASE for Construction

Our Managed SASE for construction solution provides optimum levels of protection for your highly sensitive and valuable data while ensuring you can access excellent network availability and performance no matter how your construction sites evolve.

Finding network consistency amidst the change


We appreciate that, as a construction business, often your sites and network needs develop as projects progress. However, amidst the change, your employees, suppliers and subcontractors need consistent, reliable access to your digital tools no matter where or how they log on. Ensuring this reliability, accessability and high performance can present a challenge.

Meanwhile, as you adopt new digital applications, SaaS, and IoT devices to support your operational activity, network traffic increases, and your network can become congested. From Building Information Modelling platforms and onsite 3D printing to IoT sensors, these tools are often data-intensive, requiring greater network bandwidth. In many construction companies, these applications have been integrated ad-hoc, without the necessary network architecture in place, and are accessed via multiple public or private clouds. This setup creates a strain on the network, and performance can suffer. With tight project deadlines and costs at stake, this slow-down can cause concern.

Hughes Managed SASE for construction provides a solution, ensuring your distributed workforce has reliable access to all your digital tools for all the information they require.

The benefits of Managed SASE for Construction


Our Managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution brings together industry-leading software solutions to address the complex digital challenges faced by today's construction sector. As a single, unified cloud service, our Managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution simplifies managing network availability and performance while optimising security.

The benefits of Managed SASE for Construction include:

  • A multi-tenanted extensible platform and 200+ Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide that enables effective network traffic management and a high-quality user experience across all your applications and hybrid, multi, and SaaS cloud.
  • Optimised network security and reliability from where ever your team requires access, including home and personal devices.
  • A single integrated management platform that leverages the power of the cloud while minimising complexity at the edge, creating an easy-to-use, one-stop shop for your network and security requirements.
  • Acceleration of edge transformation to a multi-cloud architecture to support the evolving requirements of your construction sites.
Cybersecurity for Construction

Why cybersecurity must be a priority for construction companies


As a construction company storing and handling valuable data, your network can be an attractive target for cyber-attacks. Moreover, IoT devices, such as sensors, cameras or drones, or other digital applications, increase network access points, further elevating the risk of a data breach. Whether it’s intellectual property, design plans or project details, cybercriminals can use this information for their gain to the detriment of your business.

While cybersecurity for construction companies must be a top priority, protecting multiple access points and changing onsite requirements can be challenging. As numerous employees, suppliers, and subcontractors use various unsecured networks or personal devices to log into your digital applications and SaaS, this challenge is further compounded.

Efficient access and performance


Our Managed SASE solution removes the reliance on hardware-heavy, transport-dependent networks, which are not built for purpose.

In their place, our Managed SASE integrates industry-leading SD-WAN technology and other network-intelligent solutions to improve network traffic management and optimise the performance of your applications, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and SaaS, continuing to deliver efficiency and reliability as your digital requirements evolve.

Cybersecurity for Construction
managed SD-WAN for construction projects

The best-level cyber protection


With Hughes Managed SASE solution, you’ll no longer require separate networking and security stacks that make cyber-protection challenging.

By integrating our Managed Security Services into our Managed SASE for construction solution, we can provide the best level of protection against all current, new and evolving cyber threats.

Utilising a zero-trust security framework and a cloud-based Security Operations Centre (SOC) solution provides complete visibility and control when users access applications and SaaS.

Therefore, no matter where your team connects or what device they use, you can be confident that your data will remain protected.


How our Managed Services add value for your construction company


At Hughes Network Systems Europe, our significant experience in supporting distributed organisations with their network requirements means we understand the challenges involved and know how to tailor our solutions to your business. We’ve developed our Managed SASE for construction solution integrating first-class cybersecurity protection to ensure your construction company’s data is kept safe.

Our experienced team will ensure seamless integration of our Managed SASE for construction solutions without disruption to your operational activity.

With our dedicated experts providing round-the-clock maintenance and support for any queries you may have, you can be confident that our Managed SASE solutions will deliver optimal advantages in efficiency, availability, performance and security for your construction company.


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