Wireless WAN for Retail

Wireless WAN for Retail

Optimised Wireless Network Edge provides your retail enterprise with flexible, secure and highly available connectivity for your people, sites and applications. How ever your retail organisation grows or evolves, you can be assured of a high-quality, ubiquitous service.

Addressing the network needs of today’s retail sector

The retail landscape has changed significantly in recent years. As a retail enterprise, you may have not only multiple brick-and-mortar sites but also a variety of online services. Your employees and customers expect to be able to access your brand content or company information on the move and then enjoy a seamless experience as they visit a store or site.

An agile network that offers high-quality connectivity, whatever the location, is required to support these expectations.

Meanwhile, optimising operational efficiency is vital in this highly competitive sector and during challenging economic times; downtime is not a luxury most retail businesses can afford. Instead, being able to evolve your business and switch on new revenue streams while still accessing the same level of service helps support business survival and growth.

Fast network deployment is needed to reduce operational disruption and maximise productivity when taking on new sites or projects.

Your business may be adopting new applications, such as digital signage or smart cameras, to attract customers and boost sales. You may have also incorporated IoT technology to monitor things such as staffing levels, buyer behaviour or movement of goods and optimise operations.

To support these new applications your network needs the capacity to cope with this increased traffic, particularly if these applications are bandwidth heavy.

Furthermore, with customers and employees accessing these applications from remote locations or while on the move, ubiquitous connectivity is essential to ensure seamless service.

Visibility and central control of your network activity will help ensure high performance. However, alternative connectivity options are needed to deliver consistency of service when out of terrestrial coverage.

Wireless WAN for Retail

A Wireless WAN solution for today’s retail enterprises

Optimised Wireless Network Edge is an ideal wireless WAN solution for retail enterprises. As a hybrid wireless service solution, it offers an agile, ubiquitous and cost-effective service for connecting your employees, customers, sites and applications wherever they are located.

Optimised Wireless Network Edge (OWNE) leverages 4G, 5G and microwave networks alongside GEO and LEO (OneWeb) satellites to ensure seamless connectivity, even where terrestrial coverage is limited.

From head office and in-store to rural, remote locations, all your users can enjoy a consistent level of service. OWNE is also the ideal connectivity solution to provide reliable transfer of your data from your IoT applications. From in-store IoT sensors to devices tracking product life cycles and more, with OWNE, you can always access the critical data needed to optimise your retail strategies. 


As part of our Primary Connectivity Services, we provide a bespoke managed service overlay with contractually agreed service level agreements and on-site maintenance support in every country and region.

Furthermore, our single-service pane-of-glass customer portal offers visibility and tracking of your network activity.

Our other value-added services include optional SD-WAN, security services and platinum first-level helpdesk support for focused triage and rapid fault rectification.

Our Optimised Wireless Network Edge offers a solution that can support the complex network needs of today's retail enterprises.

managed SD-WAN for retail
Wireless WAN for Retail

Minimise disruption with Fast Deployment and Backup Connectivity

As your business grows, taking on new retail outlets, stores or branches, our OWNE Fast Deploy Connectivity services mean you can be up and running within days. With no need for physical cable infrastructure and zero-touch provisioning, you no longer have to wait weeks for terrestrial circuits to be installed.

With the speed of our OWNE Fast Deploy Connectivity, it is also suitable for temporary events, such as trade shows, festivals or pop-up stores.

However, this speed does not come at the expense of reliability. On the contrary, high availability of the service is ensured by using two different circuit technologies and a built-in, enhanced active technology SD-WAN capability.

OWNE also comprises a Backup Connectivity solution to assure always-on, reliable connectivity, independent of terrestrial or fibre optic circuits. Using a range of wireless technologies, including microwave, 4G and 5G, GEO and LEO (OneWeb) satellites, our Backup Connectivity services optimise cost and performance specific to location.

Improve connectivity cost efficiencies


With high competitiveness and small margins often a frequent feature of the retail sector, improving cost efficiencies across the board is paramount. Our OWNE connectivity services enable reduced cost exposure and accurate budgeting of your connectivity expenditure.

  • Reduce risk with no costly upfront investment in infrastructure
  • Build the ideal package for your location needs
  • Avoid operational delays with Fast Deploy Connectivity
  • Minimise operational downtime risk and associated costs with always-on Backup Connectivity
  • Integrate existing assets to improve their capability and increase efficiency
  • Optimise usage with full transparency of service



To learn more about how Optimised Wireless Network Edge offers an excellent Wireless WAN solution for Retail, please get in contact with our team.

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