managed SD-WAN for petrol forecourts

Managed SASE for Forecourts

Our Managed SASE for Forecourts solution, Secure Access Service Edge, enables your forecourt business to adopt new digital technology and diversify your revenue streams while ensuring high performance and security from wherever your users connect.

The evolving network needs of forecourt businesses

In a climate where consumers are seeking out more environmentally friendly methods of transport, spending on petrol fuel is decreasing. However, the demand for everyday convenience remains consistently strong. With your forecourt sites often within easy reach for many customers, there is an excellent opportunity to diversify your revenue stream and cater to customers' daily requirements.

This diversification may include services such as cafés and food outlets, parcel collection, pharmacy and laundry services, car wash and repair, or customer Wi-Fi. Yet, providing these services with ease and efficiency requires digital technology. Digital tools, such as digital signage, click-and-collect smart lockers, or customer Wi-Fi, will enhance the customer experience. Meanwhile, IoT sensors and SaaS can boost your efficiency in delivery.

However, alongside the benefits of adopting new digital technology to drive your forecourt business growth, there are some challenges. Two of these revolve around managing the performance and security of your network.

Why an increase in new digital applications can create network congestion


While IoT, SaaS and other digital applications will support your growth and diversification, they increase network traffic, hindering their performance and that of your other cloud-based tools.

These applications and platforms are often data-intensive or require complex processing, creating network congestion and impacting user experience.

This challenge is particularly prevalent when these digital tools have been added organically and are used via multiple public or private clouds without evaluating the network architecture and its capacity to support their activity.

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managed SD-WAN for petrol forecourts

Forecourt Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Cyber-attacks are becoming ever-more sophisticated, and often, dated network architecture and connectivity solutions do not have the inherent cyber-protection needed to protect against these. With the addition of new digital applications and platforms increasing your attack surface, cybersecurity risks may be further elevated. 

For your forecourt business, it is critical to be mindful of your network's vulnerabilities and ensure the appropriate levels of cybersecurity are in place to minimise the opportunities for cyber-attacks and the costly impact they can have on your organisation.

Our Managed SASE for forecourts solution addresses the challenges faced by forecourt businesses today. It offers the agility required for your business's growth and evolution while managing traffic and access to maintain high performance, reliability and security for your users. Delivered via a single, unified cloud service, it combines the latest technology to optimise your network traffic while ensuring secure, reliable access for all your forecourt employees or stakeholders from wherever they log on. 

The benefits of Managed SASE for Forecourts

Our Managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution removes the requirement for separate network performance and security software. Alongside facilitating the high performance of all your IoT, cloud applications and SaaS, our Managed SASE enables edge transformation, supporting your business however it evolves.

Discover the advantages of Managed SASE for forecourts solutions:

  • High performance from all your applications hybrid, multi, and SaaS cloud via a multi-tenanted extensible platform and 200+ Points of Presence worldwide
  • Agility to support fully reliable and secure access across your distributed forecourt sites
  • Ease of use and improved efficiency with one integrated management platform for all your network performance, security and edge services
  • Flexibility to support edge transformation to a multi-cloud architecture for your business's evolving digital requirements
managed SD-WAN for petrol forecourts retail
Managed SASE for Forecourts

Improved performance, availability and user experience

Our Managed SASE for forecourts combines innovative SD-WAN technology with other intelligent network solutions, enabling effective network traffic management and excellent performance from your digital applications, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and SaaS.

With a multi-tenanted, scalable architecture model, it optimises availability, reliability and efficiency for all of your network and edge requirements, ensuring a high-quality user experience no matter the location.

As a specialist in delivering Managed Security Services for our clients’ network requirements, we have the expertise and tools to protect your network from all current, new and developing threats. We've combined our security solutions into our Managed SASE solution to provide the highest levels of protection as part of one comprehensive package.

The expertise and support of our dedicated team

As a Managed Service solution, our Managed SASE for forecourts is delivered with the support and expertise of the Hughes Europe team. Our network specialists will ensure your Managed SASE solution is seamlessly designed, deployed and fully operational for your business.

With our dedication to providing exceptional service, we are always available to answer any questions or solve any network queries to support your forecourt business's growth and operational activity.


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