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Optimise performance to move forward


We live in a new era of networking, where user experience, mobility and security are top concerns and multi-cloud deployments have become the norm. Today’s business needs and market trends that focus on more latency sensitive applications have raised the bar on bandwidth requirements and quality of service.

All of this means that multisite enterprises face challenges with network performance and complexity. And it falls upon already hard-pressed IT departments. Software defined (SD) WAN addresses these needs, and our Managed SD-WAN services offer a solution that not only provides the technology but takes away the complexity of managing distributed networks, so valuable internal resource can be deployed more effectively.

A trusted advisor 


Hughes Network Systems Europe is a vendor-agnostic managed service provider specialising in managing networks for highly distributed branch operations throughout Europe. This means we can help our customers to select, deploy and manage the optimal networking technology for their needs. We have worked hard to identify best-of-breed technologies that will help you to deliver against individual business objectives such as improving cost efficiencies while enhancing customer and employee experience. 

Our established relationships with technology partners mean we can access the latest technology so you can be assured you are benefiting from the best possible solution to address your business needs. The bottom line is that we eliminate complexity and optimise agility, simplicity and usability to move your organisation forward. 

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Some typical SD-WAN use cases

Often technology solutions are marketed on features and functionality, which makes it difficult to assess  options when decisions are being driven by business objectives. At Hughes we help you to match technology to your desired business outcomes rather than by a tick-list of features. We have put together some use cases to highlight how we do this.

  • SD-WAN cost efficiencies

    For organisations that are looking to minimise costs across their network estate while still delivering effective, optimised connectivity, an SD-Branch solution would be a great option. With integrated platforms that cover SD-WAN, WLAN and LAN requirements, this is a cost-effective solution coupled with efficiencies in overall management overhead

  • SD-WAN apllications security

    For many businesses that are opting for lower cost internet solutions for connectivity, security at the edge is becoming increasingly important. Where this is a key business outcome, we offer an SD-WAN solution with robust in-built security that has the added benefit of reducing the amount of physical hardware needed on site.

  • SD-WAN for enhanced customer experience

    If your top concern is delivering enhanced on-site experiences for your customers, application availability is key. For this scenario we would recommend a solution that offers advanced traffic management including active path selection, quality of service capability and advanced prioritisation of applications to maximise availability.

  • SD-WAN hybrid solutions

    If your organisation already has in-house networking expertise and you want to leverage those skills while still taking advantage of the benefits of outsourcing overall network management, we can also offer the perfect solution customised to these criteria.

A quick guide


With many SD-WAN solutions available on the market it can sometimes be difficult to work out what this technology actually is and what it delivers. Take a look at our overview of SD-WAN to find out how it might benefit your business.



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Our Vendor Partnerships


Precisely because we recognise that every enterprise is unique we have developed an approach to our services that helps our customers access the discrete solutions they need, when they need them. We deploy interoperable multi-vendor technologies to deliver a comprehensive managed network solution supporting your organisation’s desired business outcomes. We have strong partnerships with key vendors across Europe for both SD-WAN solutions and other technologies that complement these solutions. 

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Read our datasheet on SD-WAN technology
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