Getting Connectivity Right Is Critical in Retail and Hospitality

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What would be the impact on your business if your remote offices, staff and business associates, like logistics and stores or customers, could not connect to you?

Businesses across all sectors now rely on fast and secure internet services to ensure their connections with clients, suppliers, partners and guests remain reliable and constant at all times. Whether it’s a hotel room, a shop floor, a restaurant dining area or the lobby of a conference centre, productivity and customer experience depend on being able to get and stay connected, without any delays in connectivity.

At Hughes, we know how to get businesses of all types connected. We also know that there is no one-size fits all solution and as a managed services provider we strive to implement the best infrastructure and applications at the right budget for all of our customers.

Here is a list of what organisations should look for when seeking the ideal connectivity solution and how a managed services provider like Hughes can help them achieve this.

  1. The top priority for any organisations should be speed although having the right amount of bandwidth will be necessary for maintaining a consistent speed. Employing slow or intermittent connectivity could potentially undermine every part of an organisation’s day-to-day operations, from payment, logistics, management & accounting systems, to custom ordering, room-booking and guest Wi-Fi.

  2. Any connectivity infrastructure should provide full compatibility with as many devices as possible as employees, customers and guests often expect to be able to use their own devices. Applications range from shadow IT to hotel guests using Wi-Fi to stream films or exchange files and take part in video conferencing.

  3. However ideal a connectivity solution is at the moment of installation, it is dangerous to assume that in 18 months it will still allow a business to optimise all of its functions and applications, especially considering the rapid pace in which internet/cloud traffic can change in growing businesses. Having access to external expertise allows businesses to continually reassess their requirements and prevent connection speeds limiting their business performance.

  4. Businesses with international ambitions can face many barriers when expanding across borders where they’ll likely find different types and standards of connectivity. With this in mind, growing businesses will can benefit greatly from using a single interface provided by a managed services provider.

  5. Keeping the customer happy and staff operations running smoothly depends on connectivity always being available even in the face of unforeseen events. By installing alternative connectivity which kicks in as a business continuity solution in the face of emergency, organisations can ensure there is never any downtime.

When looking for the optimal connectivity solution, the expertise of an international managed services provider like Hughes is indispensable.  With our experience of international delivery and multi-brand integration we know that finding the highest quality and most cost-effective form of connectivity can be the difference between success and failure for a modern business. We work with organisations to understand their business applications and their digital strategy to create the optimal connectivity solution within budgets and allow them to concentrate on their real business.


For more information about how Hughes could support your business, please do not hesitate to get in touch today.