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Network Management

We are technology agnostic. Our managed network solutions seek out the best technology for your organisation's needs

Managed Connectivity

Taking the complexity out of multisite network management, we offer the most effective connectivity solutions to meet the exact needs of your distributed organisation. Ensuring seamless business continuity services while providing agility and scalability, our managed wide area network services maximise efficiency and predictability to support your business growth. 

With the right partnerships, expertise and experience, we are able to deliver comprehensive managed connectivity services across Europe so our customers benefit from a resilient, highly available solution without the complexity of managing multiple supplier relationships - wherever their sites happen to be.

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Managed SD-WAN

Our Managed SD-WAN service helps your organisation exceed customer and employee expectations as they evolve. By centralising your network monitoring and management, we'll optimise your network capacity, availability, and performance while streamlining IT and maintenance costs. 

At Hughes Europe, we listen to your needs and challenges to build an SD-WAN solution that meets your precise requirements. By leveraging the complementary skills and technology of our extensive partner ecosystems and by implementing a rearchitecting of the WAN, our network management solution can unify network functions, including routing, security and WAN support optimisation, to deliver high-quality service across all locations.

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SD-WAN Technology


The SD-WAN technology market place is crowded with many different approaches to network management and delivering the potential benefits this technology can offer. This can often be confusing and it can make it difficult to decide whether or not it is right for your business and, if it is, which option to choose.

With our multi-vendor approach, we harness the capabilities of the latest technology to deliver high-quality, flexible managed network solutions that fulfil your organisation's commercial goals and give you the competitive advantage

Managed SD-Branch 


SD-Branch provides fully integrated network management and monitoring of your WAN, managed LAN, Wi-Fi, and security for better agility, scalability, and control, delivering a centralised solution for every aspect of your connectivity. At Hughes Europe, we can offer the best SD-Branch service to meet your needs by working with a wide range of providers and leveraging the latest network solutions. 

SD-Branch removes the complexity of today's connected technology within and across multiple branches, enhancing performance and providing a platform to integrate new applications with ease, reliability and security as your digital strategy evolves.   


Managed LAN 


Providing a unified network management solution for connecting people, places and things across your distributed locations, our end-to-end Managed LAN services include everything you need for trouble-free connectivity.  

Tailored to your business needs, with Hughes Managed LAN, we can take care of everything from set-up and installation to support and reporting, or just the elements you require, either as a comprehensive company-wide service or with branch-specific support. 

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