managed SD-WAN for retail

SD-WAN for Retail

Our managed SD-WAN for retail supports the increasing use of digital, network-demanding strategies across multiple sites, enabling the seamless delivery of engaging consumer experiences while enhancing your operational productivity.

The digital challenges in today’s retail sector

Businesses in today's retail sector rely on digital connectivity as a fundamental part of their sales and operations. Many retail organisations operate across distributed sites but still need to function as one seamless entity.

As well as applications and devices to support their operational activity, such as Point of Sale systems, internal communications and inventory management, recently, there have been immense strides forward in using digital technology to deliver enhanced customer experiences.

In an increasingly connected era, consumers expect much more than just a transactional experience in-store. To attract visitors and convert them to customers, stores need to offer engaging and personalised in-store content and seamless transitions from online interactions to in-person visits.

Our range of digital SmartStore solutions will help you to achieve these goals.

For example, our retail Wi-Fi or smart cameras with movement analytics can collect data on your customers' behaviour, helping you learn more about the success of your products and deliver targeted content that generates engagement and drives sales. Our dynamic digital signage makes shopping experiences more visually engaging and informative. Meanwhile, our click-and-collect smart lockers add speed and convenience to your order pickups, improving customer satisfaction.

With our range of digital SmartStore solutions, we can help you meet consumers' expectations of receiving a high-quality, personalised and efficient shopping experience.

However, taking on more and more bandwidth-hungry applications requires a robust network. Your network will need the necessary availability and agility to ensure always-on connectivity and provide high performance across all connected devices and applications, whether in your retail sites, offices or distribution centres. Interruptions in network connectivity or drops in performance could hinder your operations and customer experience and ultimately cost your business sales.

managed SD-WAN for retail shopping

Our managed SD-WAN for retail can help your distributed organisation effectively manage the increasing digital demands on your network, supporting better reliability, availability, performance and user experience.

SD-WAN is a software-based solution overlaid on an organisation's WAN infrastructure. Working independently of any telecommunication provider's infrastructure, it can dynamically route network traffic over any connection type.

With the resilience of multiple connections, WAN reliability and performance are improved, and latency is reduced.

SD-WAN enables the centralised management of network activity. Providing complete visibility, critical processes across the entire network can be prioritised, and bandwidth allocated where it is most needed.

As a retailer, SD-WAN ensures always-on connectivity across all your retail, operational and distribution sites, enabling activity that relies on digital processes to run seamlessly and efficiently. Meanwhile, your customers who access smart in-store technology can enjoy a high-quality user experience.

SD-WAN also allows your organisation to scale its business with more ease when taking on new sites.

Furthermore, its flexibility supports improved productivity and customer experience by ensuring the latest digital technology can be integrated effortlessly.

With this ability to actively monitor and manage application performance, react to changes on the network and troubleshoot issues early, SD-WAN can provide you with the confidence to grow and adapt alongside market changes.

managed SD-WAN for retail

The benefits of Managed SD-WAN for retail


SD-WAN solves many of the network challenges faced by distributed retail enterprises today. However, there are a variety of SD-WAN solutions on the market. Finding the one that delivers most effectively on your business's unique requirements is essential.

As a Managed SD-WAN Service Provider for retail, Hughes Network Systems Europe can support you in selecting, deploying and managing the most appropriate SD-WAN solution for your needs. We also ensure a smooth migration to SD-WAN across all sites without service interruption.

We are technology and vendor-agnostic, meaning we will identify the best-of-breed technologies optimal for your network activity and distinct business objectives. With strong partnerships with leading vendors across Europe, we can ensure you have access to the technology solutions you need when you need them.

As part of our Managed SD-WAN services, we also take care of your network security. In distributed retail enterprises with multiple digital devices and applications accessing the network, the risks of a security breach are increased. By evaluating your WAN architecture, we can determine which security solution offers the best protection while supporting high levels of service and productivity.

At Hughes Network Systems Europe, our highly specialised team knows how to deliver exceptional service, supporting your business in deploying and managing customised digital solutions for reduced network complexity, optimised performance and organisational growth.

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