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In a world where the speed of connectivity plays a vital role in successful operational activity and business growth, delays can be costly. There is the expectation of being able to reliably access critical data and load applications within seconds, whatever the location. 

However, seamless connectivity and high network performance are not ever-present. On the contrary, in certain locations, LTE service can be limited. Traditional satellite internet may offer coverage where LTE cannot reach. Yet, when these requests need to travel significant distances to and from the satellite, users will still experience delays or latency.

When seeking to download data-heavy files or business critical applications, these delays begin to impact productivity and staff morale. At busy times of day, when network traffic is high, the extended presence of the loading symbol or bar begins to cause frustration.

As a Managed Network Service partner for distributed enterprises, we appreciate these network challenges and the impact they can have on business performance. Therefore, we developed the Hughes Fusion to provide a solution.

Hughes Fusion with ActiveTechnologies combines satellite and mobile broadband technologies to provide a revolutionary low-latency network for multi-site, multi-country organisations. This innovative solution is responsive, reliable, and fast for an unparalleled, enterprise-grade service network.

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Optimal network performance via an innovative combination of technologies


The Hughes Fusion combines satellite and mobile broadband technologies to reduce latency significantly.

By sending latency-sensitive requests through a mobile broadband connection instead of a satellite, the service becomes more responsive.

Applications load faster, and access to critical data becomes more efficient.

With multiple paths available, your business can enjoy always-on connectivity with the speed and reliability that supports optimum productivity.


The benefits of the Hughes Fusion are delivered via an innovative combination of connectivity technologies:

  • Leveraging VSAT and LTE to create a dual-wireless platform
  • SD-WAN functions utilising Hughes intelligent ActiveQoS for monitoring the available bandwidth end-to-end and Agile Switching ActivePath (ASAP) on a per-packet basis, with routes over VSAT or LTE:
    • Prioritization based on the available WAN capacity on VSAT and LTE and traffic characteristic
    • LTE to optimise responsiveness
    • VSAT to minimise LTE usage and enhance downloads
  • Optimised transport service for
    • Higher performance
    • High availability
    • Lower cost
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Advantages of Hughes Fusion


The Hughes Fusion ensures enhanced connectivity, improved performance and high availability.

Your network users can enjoy a more responsive web browsing experience and low-latency VPN connectivity.

Performance is faster than slower wirelines or standalone LTE or VSAT.

Meanwhile, the higher availability resolves LTE congestion issues and supports routing around failed or degraded connectivity.

These network advantages increase efficiencies across all business online activity, for example:

  • Video conferencing is seamless
  • Online file sharing is expanded
  • Media-heavy files are quickly transferred
  • Access to cloud-based services is increased
  • Data storage and backups are more efficient
  • Data management is optimised
  • Real-Time traffic such as Teams or VoIP are prioritised

Furthermore, the Hughes Fusion delivers excellent performance at an affordable price. Costs are reduced by managing data usage and offloading bulking downloads to VSAT.


Optimal Network Performance Delivered via Satellite and LTE with Integrated SD-WAN Technology

The Hughes Fusion harnesses the advantages of VSAT and LTE, combining them with SD-WAN to create an improved connectivity option that offers superior network performance than either technology in isolation.

These enhanced capabilities support access to new domestic and global markets, enabling business growth while ensuring optimal operational activity can be maintained.


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