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Managed SASE for Utilities

Our Managed SASE for Utilities solution, or Secure Access Service Edge, provides the network agility required for your company to keep pace with digital transformation while ensuring optimum performance and security for your critical operational activity.

Why digital transformation poses challenges for the utilities industry

In a climate driven by digital, utility companies that continue to rely on legacy communications infrastructure will likely fall behind.

Utility companies typically have far-reaching infrastructure that stretches into remote and hard-to-reach areas. Legacy communications solutions often do not have the capability to manage the operations at these sites and efficiently deliver the data required to meet today’s expectations and industry regulations.

Fulfilling the demand for better operational visibility, efficiency, and accountability requires more modern digital tools like IoT devices, cloud-based applications, and SaaS.

However, making the switch can be a complex process that creates other challenges, particularly around network security and performance.

Cybersecurity concerns of the utilities sector

Utility companies are already a prime target for cyber-criminals. Any breach has the potential to create widespread disruption not only for your business but for the wider community relying on your services.

Most legacy communications systems do not have the inherent cybersecurity required to deal with today's sophisticated cyber threats. Furthermore, when adopting new digital devices and applications to support operations and drive the growth of your business, without the necessary cybersecurity in place, the increased attack surface may make your company more vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

Cybersecurity concerns are further elevated by the increase in remote and hybrid work practices, as employees and stakeholders seek access to your company's data and applications from personal devices or unsecured networks. Adopting the appropriate security protocols to address these risks is crucial.  

Managed SASE for Utilities

Managing network performance

Integrating new cloud-based and edge digital applications and SaaS into your business processes can offer many benefits in terms of improved efficiency, sustainability, and service delivery. However, the complex processing and data intensity of these technologies often makes them bandwidth-heavy, which can place a strain on your network. If your network architecture has not been appropriately set up to manage these increased demands, it can lead to congestion that reduces availability and performance.

With the critical services your utility company provides, network reliability and performance are vital for supporting service consistency for your customers.


Our Hughes Managed SASE for utilities solution enables you to manage your network traffic effectively, ensuring the availability, performance, and security needed for all your online activity.

The benefits of Managed SASE for utilities

By combining the best software solutions for network performance and security, our Managed SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution can tackle the complex digital challenges faced by today's utilities sector. Network management is simplified, with all cloud-based activity, digital processes at the edge, and security regulated via a single, unified cloud service.

The benefits of Managed SASE for utilities include:

  • Optimised network traffic management and user experience across all your applications and hybrid, multi, and SaaS cloud provided via a multi-tenanted extensible platform and 200+ Points of Presence (PoPs) worldwide
  • Trusted network security and reliability regardless of site or infrastructure location and including home and personal devices
  • Improved efficiency and reduced complexity of all your network, security and edge activity with a single, integrated management platform
  • Agility to evolve to a multi-cloud architecture with edge capability that supports the digital transformation of your utility company
2 men installing solar panels using Managed SASE for Utilities
SD-WAN for Utilities infrastructure

Improved traffic management for enhanced performance


By integrating an industry-leading SD-WAN solution that can be simply overlaid on your existing WAN infrastructure, our Managed SASE for utilities supports seamless migration from end-of-life, legacy communication infrastructure.

Combined with other network-intelligent solutions, it enables effective traffic prioritisation for improved availability, performance, and user experience when accessing any of your applications, hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and SaaS.

Offering the agility to evolve your digital strategy and take on new applications and platforms without impairing efficacy, our Managed SASE solution allows you to keep pace with industry change and expectations.

Optimised cloud and edge cybersecurity


As a crucial element in our Hughes Managed SASE solution, our expert Managed Security Services  makes cyber protection simple and secure for all your digital activity.

Leveraging our cloud-hosted Security Operations Centre while adopting a zero-trust security framework, we provide the visibility and control needed to protect against all current, new and evolving cyber threats.

Regardless of site or infrastructure location or device used, your users can be confident of secure access and protection of your data.

Managed SASE for Utilities


The added value of our Managed Services


When deploying our Managed SASE for utilities solution for your utility company, your team will also benefit from the knowledge and expertise of our network specialists.

Taking care of the design and deployment of our Managed SASE solution for your network, we provide full support for any network query you may have. Committed to providing outstanding service, we will ensure your network is fully equipped to continually support the activity and growth of your business.


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