How Network Solutions are supporting efficiencies in the Construction Industry

 Network Solutions in the Construction Industry

It has never been more critical for the construction industry to be delivering on efficiency with its project management. Vital time was lost over the last two years as the pandemic forced most operations to a standstill. As timelines got pushed back, skilled workers were furloughed. Meanwhile, supply chains faltered, causing costs to spiral.

Could digital connectivity be the hero in the construction industry, offering solutions for operational efficiency to be improved, deadlines met, and profitability optimised?

Below, we reveal why digital connectivity is so essential in today's construction industry and how network solutions enable companies to maximise the benefits.

The Construction industry goes digital

Communication of real-time critical information from site to suppliers and corporate premises is essential for seamless project progress. It could be collaboration on designs with stakeholders or managing the delivery of assets to move forward with a build; the quicker and easier it is to convey the necessary information, the more efficient the project will be.

As well as the increased use of digital communication over a variety of platforms, in recent years, many industries have begun to harness the power of IoT technology – where connected devices communicate valuable data via the cloud. It allows for thousands of devices to connect, and remotely monitor and manage a wide variety of assets.

In the construction industry, IoT sensors can be used as wearable technology for workers or on equipment, monitoring efficiency, safety and sustainability while troubleshooting any issues. IoT can also be used for resource management, tracking assets or inventory in real-time to ensure the right equipment is available where and when it is required.

With access to all this data, construction companies can make informed decisions and optimise their operations for better project delivery.

The role of the Network

Resilient, always-on connectivity is vital to support digital communication, such as IoT technology, and enable the real-time transfer of large amounts of data. But lead times for fixed line installations can be up to 12 weeks, and coverage for LTE can be patchy, depending on the volume of traffic accessing the connection.

These factors can be hugely detrimental to a site-based project’s timelines.

Our HughesON Wireless WAN Solutions can provide site connectivity that is available in days, not weeks. Leveraging SD-WAN capabilities over a combination of 4/5G and satellite connectivity, our Wireless WAN Solutions ensure resiliency, uninterrupted communication and levels of quality of service typically seen with terrestrial connections.

Using SD-WAN technology to enable traffic prioritisation, we can ensure traffic is optimised and the site's most important communication is transmitted over the best available route.

Our single, small footprint router requires little space, offering flexibility and convenience, alongside diverse, always-on connectivity wherever it is needed, quickly and efficiently.

The benefits of our Managed Network Services

Our HughesON solutions can be delivered as a Managed Service. As well as planning and installing a bespoke solution to meet your site's unique needs, we take care of network performance monitoring and management to provide a hassle-free experience for your company.

With our specialism in designing and delivering network solutions for unique or hard-to-reach places, you can be confident in the seamless communication that is so critical for project success.

If you'd like to explore how managed network services can support the efficiency of your construction project, please visit our website or contact our team.