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I want to deliver an outstanding customer experience across all my branches, how can the network enable this?

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Delivering against the promise of experiential stores

Those retailers who have not yet embraced the opportunity to use technology to create a retail customer experience that encourages customers to visit, stay and spend, may find it difficult to compete in the new retail reality.

With indications in the market suggesting that online sales are set to slow and the arrival on the high street of historical online-only competitors, getting this blended customer experience right is not going to be simple but it is going to be vital for survival.

Why not read our latest report ‘Digital Transformation for Retailers, Drivers for Success' to find out how technology is enabling your world.

Digital transformation will provide the key to getting this right. 

To provide more memorable and effective customer experiences, retailers will become increasingly reliant on technologies that increase convenience while placing greater strain on networks currently tasked with supporting business-critical technologies. In doing so, they must consider how their networks can support those technologies. By adopting the right SD-WAN solution, retailers can provide next level customer experiences through a flexible, always available agile network.

Hughes Europe can help you evaluate and deliver solutions such as SD-WAN that can help transform your existing branch network to make it ready to support the digital network transformation journey necessary to realise the in-store customer experience you need to compete in modern retail environments.


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