The Advantages of Wireless WAN for Businesses


We live in an always-on, hyper-connected society. For enterprises, it means constant pressure to evolve and find new, innovative ways to stay connected and remain competitive. Wireless WAN for businesses can provide the agility and reliability needed for seamless communications, particularly those that operate across distributed sites, providing them with a competitive edge. 

This blog explores the advantages of Wireless WAN for businesses. We also share how we've integrated it into our cutting hybrid wireless service solution, Optimised Wireless Network Edge (OWNE), to support your operational activity, growth and resilience. 


What Is Wireless WAN for Businesses?


Wireless Wide Area Network (Wireless WAN) is an innovative technology that can enable your business to establish network connectivity over vast geographic areas without relying on traditional wired infrastructure. Instead, it harnesses the power of the wireless spectrum, including cellular networks and satellite communication, to provide seamless and flexible connectivity to wherever your business needs to operate. 

By empowering your organisation to break free from the limitations of physical cables, Wireless WAN delivers several key business advantages across your network operations, including:

- Extended reach to the most remote or low-density regions

- Unmatched flexibility and simplified scalability

- Seamless reliability 

- Better cost-efficiency

We deliver these benefits through our Optimised Wireless Network Edge solution. Let's look more closely at what these remarkable advantages can mean for your operations.


1. Extended Reach to Remote Regions


One of the standout advantages of Wireless WAN is its ability to bridge the connectivity gap in remote or challenging terrains. Unlike traditional wired networks that may be impractical to deploy in such locations, Wireless WAN can extend its reach virtually anywhere. 

With this capability, we can support your business with establishing network connectivity with ease wherever it is needed. Whether on remote industrial sites, low-density rural regions, offshore installations or emerging markets, the advantages of Wireless WAN ensure that you can maintain seamless communication and access vital data, thereby unlocking new possibilities for business expansion and growth.



2. Unmatched Flexibility and Simplified Scalability


With the demands of today’s dynamic business landscape, the ability to quickly establish network connectivity in remote locations is crucial. Traditional wired networks often require time-consuming physical installations, making them impractical for rapidly changing needs. On the other hand, the advantage of Wireless WAN is that it offers unparalleled flexibility and simplified scalability. 

For example, the fast deployment of Wireless WAN allows you to set up and scale your network within days rather than months. With a bespoke managed  service overlay that includes contractually agreed service level agreements and, onsite maintenance support, you can quickly switch on new revenue streams and move easily between locations without compromising your activity. 


3. Seamless Reliability


Downtime can cause a multitude of issues for your business. Interrupted activity and reduced productivity lead to impeded service, revenue losses and damaged customer relationships. 

Wireless WAN offers diverse communication paths that can serve as a backup to primary wired connections or a resilient stand-alone communication option. In case of an outage or disruption in the wired network, the Wireless WAN connection automatically takes over, minimising downtime and ensuring continuous operations. 

Outstanding service reliability is a critical objective of our Managed Network Services. By integrating Wireless WAN into a solution design, the powerful combination of GEO and LEO (OneWeb) satellites, 4G and 5G cellular networks, microwave and terrestrial networks ensures an always-on service to suit your business needs.


4. Better Cost-Efficiency


Managing the provision of multiple wired connections can be expensive and resource-intensive. Leveraging the advantages of Wireless WAN, we eliminate the need for costly cable installations and can minimise ongoing maintenance expenses. In addition, we offer a value-based cost model that is based on usage, further improving affordability. 

Furthermore, with Wireless WAN’s fast deployment, ease of scalability, and reliability, it also delivers significant operational cost benefits for your business's growing and evolving needs. 


Addressing the Security Concerns Around Wireless WAN


With the open nature of wireless communication, the security of Wireless WAN may come into question initially. However, in a world where cybersecurity is rapidly on the rise, it is a concern that is comprehensively addressed with robust measures.

There are several key ways in which Hughes Managed Services ensures optimum protection for your network. These include data encryption, two-factor authentication, firewalls and zero-trust access control, as well as continual monitoring and updates. Having these effective security measures in place is a proactive step in safeguarding sensitive data, ensuring business continuity, and maintaining the trust of your customers and stakeholders.


Staying Future-Ready with Wireless WAN for Your Business


Wireless WAN is closing the terrestrial connectivity gap, offering benefits in flexibility, scalability, reliability and cost-efficiency. Forward-thinking in design, it is poised to evolve not only with your business needs but also with the ever-changing communications landscape. Hughes Wireless WAN Services makes the adoption of this valuable connectivity technology easy, ensuring you have a future-ready solution that frees you from the restraints of wired connections and helps your business stay agile, connected and competitive, no matter where your journey takes you.