Discover OneWeb: The Revolutionary LEO Satellite Network


In today’s world, connectivity isn't just a convenience anymore; it's a lifeline for you and your business. Whether you're a startup hustling to make your mark or a seasoned multi-site enterprise navigating the winds of change, the ability to access broadband and log onto your applications from anywhere can make all the difference.

However, there is a digital divide, meaning unconnected and underserved communities miss out on the advantages digital interconnectivity delivers. And this is where the use of satellites, specifically LEO satellite networks have a vital role to play. But what are LEO satellites, and how do they help provide connectivity to underserved areas? 

We explore this question below and share how OneWeb delivers innovative connectivity for distributed enterprises worldwide.


What is a LEO satellite network, and what advantages does it offer?


LEO stands for low Earth orbit, meaning that LEO satellites orbit the Earth at an altitude typically less than 1,200 km, sometimes as low as 160 km. This distance may seem a long way, but not when you compare it to the likes of GEO satellites, which orbit at an altitude of 35 786 km! 

The features of LEO satellites lead to some great benefits when it comes to their use for communication, broadband and network access. These include:

  • Their relatively low position which provides:
    • Faster connection and low latency – supporting seamless business activity


  • Working in a network of multiple satellites, meaning:
    • Global coverage - a communication lifeline to remote areas
    • Reliable connection and minimised downtime – critical for avoiding interruptions in your operations


  • No reliance on cables or infrastructures that can take months to install, supporting:
    • Scalability and flexibility for your operations 
    • Convenient and affordable deployment and set-up – valuable for underserved regions

With these benefits, you cannot afford to ignore LEO satellite networks if you're seeking a flexible, affordable and reliable connection option that supports your business growth and efficiency in any location. 


Hughes and OneWeb: A partnership for the best enterprise LEO solution


Every business needs low-latency, high-speed connectivity to succeed in our world today; it's a game-changer in communications and is vital if you operate over multiple sites. Bringing this level of connection to unconnected communities will help bridge the digital divide and support activity in these areas.

When Hughes announced its partnership with the LEO satellite communications company OneWeb in 2021, the aim was to offer this level of service. Hughes has been renowned as an innovator in satellite and multi-transport technologies and networks for over 50 years, so adding OneWeb’s LEO Satellite network to our portfolio means we can make the benefits of LEO satellite networks available to our customers, far and wide, wherever they have operations.

The OneWeb network offers all the benefits of LEO satellites and more. As it is designed specifically for enterprises, you don’t have to share the network with consumer traffic and can be assured of optimum levels of security for your activity. The customer experience is superior, too; applications are plug-and-play, and speeds are more predictable than 4G/LTE cellular services.

Once satellite connection was an option reserved for government and military operations. Now, its benefits can be enjoyed by all businesses – large or small. OneWeb has a wide range of service plans making LEO satellite networks an accessible choice no matter your needs.

So, how can you adopt OneWeb to support your network and broadband needs? One way that comes with many other benefits is via our Managed LEO Satellite Service.


What is Managed LEO Satellite Service, and what are the benefits?


Choosing a managed service provider for your satellite broadband and network needs makes the adoption and integration process a lot easier, and you’ve got ongoing support for any queries you have.

For example, with Hughes Managed LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Satellite Service, you get:

  • Network design, including options for a variety of primary and backup plans
  • Integration with your terrestrial and cellular network services
  • Implementation and deployment, taking care of all the terminals and coverage needs for your specific business needs wherever you operate worldwide
  • 100% enterprise-dedicated capacity, with no consumer traffic
  • Service level agreements that include 24/7 monitoring, helpdesk support and billing

With Hughes a global leader in broadband satellite technology and our expertise at Hughes Europe as a managed service provider, supporting distributed enterprises in maximising their productivity and enhancing customer experience, we can ensure that you have access to high-quality connectivity and broadband, wherever you operate, giving your business the foundation to grow and succeed.

To learn more about Hughes Managed LEO (Low Earth Orbit) Satellite Service, please get in touch with our team.