International Women's Day 2024 - Ashlei's Story


Ashlei Rowe - Digital Marketing Assistant at Hughes Europe


What motivated you to join Hughes Europe?

After I left school, I was at a loss on what career to embark on, as a COVID graduate I was left with no support or insight on future paths. As I tried new and different fields, after a while and my love for social media, I decided digital marketing would be the one that best suited me. I looked into and researched many different apprenticeships, and this one at Hughes Europe was the best opportunity, looking into the company and achieving my first interview, I knew that I would gain so much work and also life experience. 

What does your apprenticeship involve?

My apprenticeship is one of the most important things to me, it involves a variety of tasks, new skills and challenges that push me to be the best marketer I can be. Even though my title is ‘Digital Marketing Assistant’ I have been opened up to a world of so much more, my mentor Okenesi has shown me a wide range of marketing initiatives from brand campaigns to email marketing to social media! It has expanded my skill set and learning capabilities which I am extremely grateful for. 

What challenges do you face in your role? 

My challenges come in many shapes and forms, as I grow and learn new skills the tasks become more challenging, and I have to push to overcome any problems to make sure I am getting the most out of what I do. Some days are harder than others and I may feel overwhelmed but with such a great team and environment, I always come out on top!

As a woman in technology, I am so fortunate to come into an environment that has plenty of women in the IT world who inspire and motivate me every day. Although IT is considered a male-dominated industry I am lucky to be surrounded by these amazing women who want to push boundaries and change the way the tech industry is perceived. 

What advice would you give to young females wanting to work in this space?

As a younger female in this industry, my advice would be never to give up, push your boundaries and keep going! I have struggled to understand the world of telecommunications. Still, as time goes on and I develop my learning I start to achieve astonishing things with the help of the brilliant and talented people around me. As one of two women in my department I am loved and supported by everyone, and they genuinely want to see me succeed. So, go for it! 

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

Outside of work, I do a variety of different things, I spend my early mornings before work in the gym and my evenings after as a lash tech! On the weekends, I spend time with my friends on long dog walks, coffee mornings, days out and pasta nights! On Sundays, we have yoga mornings followed by our Sunday Starbucks group. I enjoy holidays and city breaks, concerts, and generally just exploring life as a 20-year-old, I like to try to experience, learn and understand new things each week!

Who do you look up to in the industry?

Out of all the incredible people I have met or seen online it has to be Okenesi, my mentor. She has shown me new ways of life, work, and courage that I cannot describe. Not only does she invest so much time into me and my development she is also intelligent, kind, and passionate about the work she does and the way she teaches me. Okenesi takes an interest in my personal and work life, checks on my well-being and is extremely attentive to my career growth within the company. I struggle to learn new things and adapt to changes, but Okenesi takes patience and time to focus on my needs. I am an extremely lucky person to be in this position and I would not have it any other way!