Managed Networking Solutions & High-Performance Networks

PRISM: A fully managed service with the flexibility of modular procurement

PRISM Service Breakdown

We are the specialists in optimising networks for distributed enterprises.

We help organisations to achieve their Digital objectives by delivering managed network solutions that provide the availability and resilience needed by today's customer-centric enterprises.

Our customers benefit from the uninterrupted data flows that enable access to the real-time information and application availability necessary to deliver an outstanding experience for their customers and their employees.

Flexible Managed Network Solutions

Our tried and tested PRISM methodology for the delivery of flexible managed network solutions and high-performance networks across Europe means we can support our customers however and wherever they need it.

At Hughes in Europe we recognise that every enterprise is unique and so we don't have a 'one size fits all' approach to our managed network services. Instead we have developed an approach to our services that helps our customers access the discrete solutions they need, when they need them.


We call this PRISM.

PRISM helps us to really understand what our customers need to achieve from their network and access the value they rely on to deliver competitive differentiation. We leverage our specialist knowledge to get inside your network so we can craft the optimal network solution to make this happen.