HN9260 Dual Ka-/Ku-band high-performance broadband satellite router

The Hughes HN9260 is a high-performance, dual Ka-/Ku-band broadband satellite router designed to cost-effectively satisfy a wide range of high-speed connectivity requirements for consumer, small office/home office, enterprise, and government markets. Fully compatible with the Hughes HN System family, the HN9260 incorporates advanced modulation and coding among other performance and efficiency-enhancing features to deliver even the most demanding bandwidth-intensive applications affordably.

Compliant with IPoS/DVB-S2 including Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM), the world’s leading industry standard, the HN9260 also supports the legacy DVB-S standard. When running in the DVB-S2 mode, the HN9260 supports forward channel data rates up to 121 Mbps. The inbound or return channel is configurable up to 3.2 Mbps, and features adaptive MF/TDMA coding which results in superior return channel efficiency. The HN9260 seamlessly coexists in networks with prior generations of HN and DW modems and routers.

To enable superior end-user performance, the HN9260 includes a full set of integrated Wide Area Network (WAN) optimisation features. Accelerated TCP and HTTP performance, including HTTP pre-fetch (objects are locally cached on the HN9260) along with DNS caching, enable fast Web browsing. Integrated header and packet payload compression both conserves bandwidth and further contributes to high performance. IP routing and addressing features implemented in the HN9260 include the RIPV2 and BGP routing protocols, virtual router redundancy protocol (VRRP) with policy-based routing, DHCP server or relay, as well as network address translation (NAT) and port address translation (PAT). The HN9260 also handles end- to-end VLAN tags complying with the 802.1P and Q standards, and each VLAN may be configured with its own Quality of Service (QoS). Government and enterprise users can be confident that the information running over the HN9260 is secure, as the HN9260 uses a hardware-based conditional access system and, optionally, AES 256 encryption for user traffic.

Operations are made easy as the HN9260 features an integrated Web server supporting a Web browser interface for commissioning and troubleshooting. Full-featured, built-in diagnostics provide historical information about network performance or error conditions. An integrated LAN sniffer eliminates the need for on-site presence during troubleshooting. The HN9260 is centrally managed for software configurations and downloads.


Full-featured Network Services

  • Local Router with
    • IPv6/IPv4 ready (able to download IPv6 software when available at a later date)
    • Static and dynamic addressing
    • DHCP server or relay
    • Full RIPV1, RIPV2, and BGP routing support
    • Multicasts to the LAN by using IGMP
    • NAT/PAT
    • 802.1P and 802.1Q for end-to-end VLAN support with configurable QoS per VLAN
    • Firewall support through integrated access control lists
  • WAN Optimisation and Acceleration
    • Integrated Performance Enhancement Proxy (PEP) software to accelerate throughput performance by optimising the TCP transmission over the satellite, delivering superior user experience and link efficiency
    • Integrated Hughes TurboPage® software to accelerate HTTP traffic for fast browser access
    • DNS caching
  • Quality of Service (QoS) features
    • IQoS (Inbound Quality of Service)
    • Bi-directional DSCP
    • Outbound bandwidth management
  • Secure Network Transmission with bi-directional IPSEC and AES-256 encryption (optional)

Reduce Network Operations Cost and Increase Network Availability

  • Industry-leading bandwidth efficiency and network availability with
    • Forward Channel DVB-S2 with Adaptive Coding and Modulation (ACM)
    • Return Channel with adaptive coding and frequency hopping
    • Return Channel using MF-TDMA and variable burst size
  • Bi-directional IP header and payload compression, including TCP, UDP, and RTP compression


Simplify Network Operations

  • Software updates, configuration, status monitoring, and commissioning centrally controlled via the Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Remote terminal management via the Hughes Vision® Network Management System and SNMP monitoring
  • User-friendly LED display indicating terminal operational status
  • Integrated local Web interface for status, troubleshooting, and diagnostics
  • Universal power supply supports international voltage ranges and frequencies and has a detachable power cord
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