MLS Services

The Hughes Multiprotocol Label Switching and Virtual Private Network (MPLS VPN) solution can be added to a Hughes satellite service or used as a standalone service to provided backhaul over the Internet or private line. The Internet VPN solution provides customers with a secure IP VPN solution from our primary facilities in Griesheim (Germany), a cost efficient means by which to connect the customer's enterprise sites with remotely connected VSAT or group of VSAT sites, or DSL based connectivity. Where customers have existing MPLS networks, we can also build an NNI interface if required for direct connectivity between the Hughes and customer network.

Hughes also offers a meet me service for customers to interconnect via private line with our Core Network at the following locations:

  • London (Global Switch)
  • London (Interxion)
  • Frankfurt BT Pop (Genfer Strasse)
  • Frankfurt (Interxion)
  • Warsaw Poland (GTS)

Hughes's core infrastructure offers Internet gateways that are hardened, resilient with no single point of failure and employing best in class technology from Cisco and Fortinet.

The Hughes MPLS backbone connects multiple POPs and VSAT hubs across Europe using high speed fibre links. All DSL and VSAT infrastructures as well as the Internet are redundantly connected to the MPLS backbone. Customers can redundantly connect their backhaul links to the Hughes MPLS infrastructure to access all Hughes services.

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