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Whilst demand for broadband connectivity continues to rise across the world unabated, its availability via terrestrial and cellular networks remains limited in certain areas. These can be rural, remote or geographically challenging locations, or even closer to urbanised areas than you may think. Even in locations where these are available, the lead times for terrestrial connectivity may be too long and the cellular connections may be unreliable or over-contended. Hughes Europe offers a VSAT satellite service to provide this geographic reach enabling any site to be connected.

As the world’s leading provider of broadband satellite services, products and managed network solutions, Hughes is ideally placed to provide the answer either as a complete standalone network or combined with our other access technologies to provide a ubiquitous, physically diverse solution across Europe.

Hughes has access to multiple Ku and Ka band satellites across Europe using our own HX or JUPITER technology to give maximum flexibility. Hughes technology is utilised by many satellite service providers across the globe and so there will always be a service option and partner to meet your needs and requirements.

Our broadband satellite technology allows you to:
  • Service all your distributed locations (all that is needed is visibility of the southern skies)
  • Deploy enterprise class business networks* with pure satellite or hybrid satellite cellular and fixed communications technology either for completely new networks or to fill in gaps in existing infrastructure
  • Operate a physically diverse back-up route for your existing network
  • Install new sites / branch locations very quickly (satellite connectivity is available permanently so just requires installation of VSAT outdoor equipment** and indoor modem)
  • Move sites very quickly and save money by re-using existing equipment
  • Lower your integration risk by working with a single partner across multiple territories and technologies
  • Quickly add new bandwidth to existing network links
  • Provide cost effective solutions for short term requirements either for temporary installations or whilst waiting for terrestrial connectivity to become available
  • Extend your network across Europe either on a single Ku satellite beam or multiple Ka beams
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The availability of new high bandwidth satellites across Europe means that the economics of satellite connectivity have changed dramatically. Talk to us today about how we can help solve your connectivity challenges.

Our satellite communications link is from the VSAT to the Network Operations Centre (NOC). From the NOC we connect to the Internet for web traffic and VPNs but for business applications we also have the ability to connect directly to the Enterprise (Head Office or Data Centre)