Disaster Recover / Business Continuity

The cost of downtime to any business has implications for employees, customers, partners and the company as a whole.

What are your risks? Cyber attacks, circuit failure, hardware failure, theft, malicious destruction, fire/flood/natural disaster, human error?

Strategic Decisions

  • How will you continue operating in the event of a temporary outage, data loss or complete failure of your IT systems?

  • What elements of your IT systems are most critical to operations: email, documents, customer data, applications?

Tactical Considerations

  • What’s your maximum allowable downtime?

  • How quickly must your data be retrieved and mounted or restored?

  • How and where should your data be stored?

  • How do you ensure your plan actually works?

Hughes has solutions to these questions.  Come and talk to us to see how we can help you with your business continuity and disaster recovery.