IoT - Internet of Things

"As the cost of connecting devices decreases and the ubiquity of an Internet connection increases the number of connected “things” shall continue to rise” as Gartner predicts, to reach 20.8 billion connected “things” by 2020 (source 

Whether you have thousands of IoT-enabled assets across multiple countries, or just a few in one location, the Hughes Managed IoT Connectivity Service enables us to manage your entire IoT estate centrally and flexibly.

The Hughes Managed IoT Services provides a single interface point with one agreement, one bill and a bespoke service level agreement tailored to the needs of your business. We can provide you with visibility and control of your IoT devices anywhere within the Vodafone global footprint. It can track the location of any global SIM installed in an asset, alert you to unusual activity, produce reports on performance and data usage, activate new SIMs, and much more.

The global IoT SIMs are data-only SIMs designed to be used for point-to-point, machine-to-machine connectivity with roaming available across one, two or multiple networks allowing for the deployment of a single SIM per device across your network.

With the ability to configure upper and lower data thresholds for SIMs for real-time alerting and a variety of standard reports for the current and previous billing period Hughes Europe can help you understand how your SIMs are operating on the network and identify issues before they get out of hand.